Build Your Family

Build Your Family 

Posted: 4:22 pm Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

By Staff Writer


How did you spend Mother’s Day?

Not a mother, you say? But you have, or had, a mother, and probably others in your life have been like a mother, or at least there is someone whom you admire for their mothering skills…

Mother’s are important and worth celebrating. I hope you did.

I lost my own mother as a young adult. I was fully raised and had two children of my own at the time, but still… I needed a mom. And I still do. I was fortunate back then, to meet and be welcomed into the “family” of a woman I met at church, Mary.

Mary was a friend and mentor to me. Someone to turn to for advice, support, a laugh, and chat over a cup of tea, and to call me out on poor decisions; in a word, a mom.d1

Hilda is my mother-in-law. She is grandmother to all of my children, the two I had biologically with her son, and the other 6 I’ve adopted since my divorce from him 16 years ago…

Yes, that’s correct. He and I divorced, but she and I (and my father-in-law, Miguel) have continued to build our relationship and not only remain close but are closer than EVER. She, in a word, is my mom.

There is the family that you are born with, and the family that you build.

I spent Mother’s Day with 25 people that come mostly from the build side… Friends and neighbors and adult step-children; all that call me Mom or Grandma. Paul made up a huge batch of steak and shrimp fajitas, I fried corn and black beans, the kids played outside and the adults ate and talked and laughed and loved.

Hilda made me a bouquet that took up half of the table. Delilah Jr. greeted me with FOUR handmade cards. I was hugging or being hugged most of the day. I felt honored and respected and LOVED.

d2If you are sad because your mother or a child can not or chooses to not be with you on Mother’s Day or other days of remembrance or celebration, please work at building a family through other methods.

We all need people that we are comfortable with, that we can lean on when the storm is raging, relax and reflect with once it has passed. We need those people who will stand by us and cheer us on to the finish line, and for whom we will do the same; family.

Go to church, volunteer, take a class, do something to GET OUT THERE and start building family! Perhaps you will meet “your mom” on a park bench, or “your dad” in the tool or gardening aisle. Perhaps you will become a mom or dad or grandparent to a child that you read to in a kindergarten class or at the YMCA’s daycare center…

I don’t want a single one of you to be lonely for any reason or any occasion! Start building today!


d3I could not even begin to count the number of times I’ve played I Hope You Dance on my show, nor begin to tell you the infinite variety of reasons why the song has been dedicated.

What I CAN tell you is that it is a perennial favorite, that it invokes the warmest, most sincere and loving feelings in those requesting it, those it is played for, and anyone who hears it.

Like the extraordinary song, I HOPE YOU DANCE, brings hope, faith, inspiration, and love to the big screen in a special theatrical event premiering exclusively in select theaters Monday, May 16 with encore showings May 23.

“What’s great about (the song) ‘I Hope You Dance’ is that … every listener is able to put their own story in it,” says Lee Ann Womack, whose hit single has inspired millions of people over the years.

Weaving powerful real-life stories with incredible storytellers (including Dr. Maya Angelou, Joel Osteen, Vince Gill, Brian Wilson, Graham Nash, and Womack, along with the song’s writers Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers), I HOPE YOU DANCE brings to life how one song has impacted countless lives.

In addition, Kathie Lee Gifford hosts a special panel discussion celebrating hope and healing. The panel features popular talk-show host Michael Gallagher, the Dream Center’s, Caroline Barnett, actress Shari Rigby, and life coach and motivational speaker, Tim Storey. And The Voice winner Jordan Smith performs an incredible a cappella version of I Hope You Dance.

The stories of everyday people who have been inspired by the song to forgive, heal, love, and dance will encourage all who see this powerful documentary. As the late Maya Angelou says: “Loving may seem to be a mistake, but it never is. Love liberates.

If you’ve ever felt small when you stand before the ocean …
If you’ve ever come close to selling out …
If you’ve ever given faith a fighting chance …

Get ready to be inspired by I HOPE YOU DANCE, coming to select theaters May 16 and May 23, both days at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. local time.

Get tickets and learn more HERE.

Great Garden Wars

I’ve been talking about this little thing we’re calling Great Garden Wars on the air… Actually, I wrote about it here, in the newsletter, a few weeks back.

What started as a bit of a show-down between Producer Janey and I, has taken on a whole new life.

I’m encouraging YOU; my listeners, readers, friends, to join Great Garden Wars… Plant something, grow something, and SHOW OFF!

Listeners, Chery and Stacy, are doing just that. They write:d4

Hi Delilah!

Heard you talking about your squash today… wanted to share a couple of pics of our little backyard garden.

Chery and Stacy,
St. Pete, FL

d5Thanks guys! These pics are awesome! I love these little Pattypan squash that come in white, yellow, green, and varigated colors and that remind me of flying saucers!

My favorite way to eat them is when they’re still tiny and I throw ’em in with the rest of the veggies on the grill or in the skillet with onion, garlic and seasonings. So delicate and delicious!

They’re good at any size though, medium and sliced or baked, large ones stuffed and baked, or hollowed and used as a soup bowl!

Keep the garden growin’ and the pictures comin’.

Post them to my facebook page, Instagram @DelilahRadio, and Twitter @RadioDelilah and add hashtag #GreatGardenWars!

Happy green-thumbin’!

Over And Over Again
Nathan Sykes


Nathan Sykes, formally of The Wanted, recently released a new version of his single, Over And Over Again, featuring Grammy-nominated artist, Ariana Grande.

Over And Over Again is a heartfelt ballad written by Nathan and serves as the follow-up to his solo debut single Kiss Me Quick.

Climbing charts in the UK for some time, Nathan performed Over And Over Again on The X-Factor (UK) and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. He made his US late night TV debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden on February 2nd.

“I can’t wait for everyone to hear the new version of Over And Over Again,” said Nathan. “It’s such a special song to me and I’m delighted that I’m able to share this with not only a friend of mine but also somebody who is incredibly talented.”

2015 was pretty incredible for this talented artist. He topped the US Billboard Dance Club Song chart, performed his first US live solo on Good Morning America and headlined at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City – which sold out in just 10 minutes!

2016 looks like it’s going to be another huge year for Nathan Sykes… People magazine named him “The Voice” in their recent ‘Ones To Watch’ feature.

I absolutely LOVE this single and can’t wait to see what this talented, talented, young man is going to give us next!

To download Over And Over Again, featuring Ariana Grande, head to iTunes.

Life is beautiful and busy at the farm. I am spending every single minute that I can out of doors, and am so grateful that I can do that! I then slip down into the studio in the evening and spend time with you.

I know many of you can’t get outside during your week-day and have to wait for the weekend. I encourage you to try to slip out over your lunch or breaks, just to get a peek at the sky, breathe some air that’s not been circulated through the central air system, and take a moment to center yourself.

Who knows, you might make a connection that turns into family…

In the evening, turn on the radio, grab an iced tea, or a hot cup if the weather is still uncooperative, and join me! I’ll do my best to smooth off the rough edges, uplift and inspire you, and remind you to Love Someone.

God Bless,

~ Delilah


Geese in my pond – such a lovely thing to watch!