Find YOUR Family!

Find YOUR Family! 

Posted: 8:04 pm Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

By Staff Writer


My Person

I feel so blessed and humbled to be allowed into your homes, your cars, your work place, and your lives, as you listen to my program each evening. Thank you!d1

I’d like to invite YOU into MY life, by telling you about the special people that I call family.

One of those peeps, is my girl, Janey. Jane is my Executive Producer, and has been for over 25 years now. She has also been my roommate, auntie to all my children, my best friend and confidant. She is the machine that makes this show go!

Jane used to be on the air with me quite a bit, but she now works from another location and cooridating microphones and other electronic voodoo, is just too complicated. We still are working diligently together. EVERY call we take is edited by Janey before it is aired; she is bustin’ and bustlin’ to make the magic happen.

Truth is, there would be no show, without her.

And here’s the thing. Jane is the hardest working, most unassuming, humble person. She is honest, kind to the core, and has that most necessary of qualities; integrity. I trust Jane with my life. I certainly trust her with my career and my livelihood, and she has never, ever, let me down.

She is My Person.

Even during the last two years, while battling a fierce war against an aggressive breast cancer, surgeries, reconstruction, complications… She has not missed a beat!

Did I mention she was stunningly beautiful?

I want you to know her.

I also want you to have someone like this in your own life. Do you?

Janey was not born into my family, she was built. She has become a central figure in love and life. I do not know what in the world I would do without her.

Who is your go-to person? The one you can rely on, count on to celebrate the good times, lean on in the bad, and jerk you around and make you laugh ’till you’re having a Depends Moment during all the in-betweens?

* Side note: Jane has the most WICKED dry sense of humor of anyone I know. She flies low, low, low, under the radar, attacking from unexpected angles when you least expect it. She absolutely kills me and keeps me in stitches!

If you don’t have this person in your life, find them! Jane and I met when she played a practical joke on me over the air – I couldn’t resist but reach out to her.

Reach out. When you sense some connection, some magical something that draws you to another person – it doesn’t have to be romantic – act on it. This is God talking. Don’t ignore Him.

Make yourself available. Don’t automatically dismiss idle conversation in the grocery aisle or park bench, or that community ed class you’re taking. Listen. Be present. Build your family.

I’m so grateful for mine, and my Janey Girl.


Goo Goo Dolls singer and guitarist John Rzeznik says that last year he was thinking a lot about change…d2

I think he was thinking a lot about MY SHOW!

Because, their new album, Boxes, is an absolutely perfect fit. The album is true to what fans love about them – it is intimate, heartfelt, and incredibly UPLIFTING!

All the songs are about trying to find connection, and my feeling so close to doing so,” Rzeznik says.

So Alive” is about Rzeznik’s journey staying sober. “…the song is about finally feeling normal again, and how normal feels so completely alien when you’ve been sick for so long,”

Souls in the Machine,” is what it was like to finally take a breathe of fresh air after being submerged in the music business for decades. “I lived for work. I had no purpose,” Rzeznik says. “I screwed up everything in my life except being a musician. But there are things in life that are more important, like connections with friends and believing in that enough to make the effort to maintain those relationships.

Long Way Home” is another song about acceptance and “not being so attached to the outcome of something that you can’t get up and find joy in the work, whether it’s the work of a job or the work of a relationship,”

Finally, “Over and Over” is a larger metaphor for life. “There’s just so much hope in that song,” Rzeznik says.

The Goo Goo Dolls, a four-time Grammy Award-nominated band, has sold more than 10 million albums, they will tour extensively throughout North America this spring and summer and Europe in the fall.

As for Boxes, Rzeznik says, “I want people to listen to it hard. I want them to read the lyrics. I want them to be ecstatic, and then I want them to cry. I want them, at the end of it, to feel satisfied. I want them to take a little piece of it for themselves and own it. Make it theirs.

Well John, I’m going to make it MINE, and I know my listeners are going to make it THEIRS!

Give a listen to So Alive, then preview, buy and download songs from Boxes, HERE. (Buy the album for $10.99, songs start at $1.29.)

Great Garden Warsd3

Are you planting yet? Weeding? Coaxing seedling to grow strong and healthy? Oohing or aahing over peonies (me!) lilacs, or roses yet?

d4I want to hear about it! Tell me your stories and post your pictures to Facebook, Twitter (@RadioDelilah), or Instagram (@DelilahRadio.) Use #GreatGardenWars and don’t forget to poke a little fun at your gardening or non-gardening friends.

This i s all out mock-warfare ya know!

Brush Of Wings
May Book Club Pick!

d5I introduced my May Book Club choice, Brush of Wings, to you a few weeks ago. This is the third novel in the Angels Walking series by Karen Kingsbury

This is a book who’s message is one I send you all the time; walk in the direction of your dreams.

Do not allow yourself to be distracted, not even by the most well-meaning of family or friends.

When God says “Go,” go!

Mary Catherine does just that when she heads off to Uganda, against the advice of her doctor, and others in her life that fear for her health.

She is not, however, dissuade, because her heart for the children there speaks louder to her than the one in her chest that is failing.

Brush of Wings is all about divine intervention and the power of faith.

“Fresh Pick” –”

“Another hit… un-put-downable.” Starred Review – Library Journal

Pick up your copy and an extra to give to a friend (maybe one of those well-meaning types) through my book club HERE.

Quinoa and Vegetable Side/Salad

Are you a quinoa fan? Admittedly, I was not. But I’m coming around. I think it was that fact that my sister always had birds in our room growing up, and quinoa reminds me too much of the millet seed that was constantly flying about. That’s a different story for a different day though…

I have to say, the texture, the first few times I tried it, was difficult to get used to. But having read a little about all the great properties of the grain, I kept trying, and now it’s a go-to staple.

Naturally gluten-free, it is nutrient rich and contains all nine of what is considered to be essential amino acids, this makes it a complete plant-based protein. Try it in place of rice or couscous in all your recipes.

Here’s something I made up this weekend, ate as a side dish to pork tenderloin while warm, refrigerated and then as a cold salad the following day.


1 cup dry quinoa (I used Inca red)d6
2 cups chicken broth

Total of 4 cups diced (you decide the mixture and ratio):
Sweet Pepper


Following package directions, cook quinoa in chicken broth until all liquid is absorbed. Meanwhile, saute the vegetables in a little butter until tender crisp.

Combine quinoa and veggies, season with salt and pepper to taste. Serve as a warm side dish. Refrigerate leftovers.

Tell me what you think of quinoa and ways you’ve prepared it. My daughter is gluten-free these days and I’m always looking for ways to serve her healthful meals.

d7We had another set of twin goats born on the farm last week. I am going kid crazy! Truly. You hear of first-time mothers that never get tired of staring at their baby all day long… well… that’s me and these little wobbly legged adorables.

I can’t get enough of them! One little snuggler, whom we have named Truffles, loves to be held and tucks his head under my chin. Mama goat doesn’t seem to mind too terribly, so he has spent several evenings keeping me company in the studio. The only one upset by this is Sophia, my pooch, who is has been displaying an unbecoming jealous side.

I hope spring has brought you your own kind of simple joys. If they aren’t as obvious as baby goats, I hope you’re spending time each day looking for them. An unexpected wild flower sneaking up through a crack in the sidewalk, a robins nest in an unlikely spot, the simple pure delight of a child’s laughter.

Simple joys are everywhere. Find them. Find your people. Enjoy. God Bless and Love Someone!

~  Delilah