Delilah Weekly Newsletter 

Hooray for Dads!

  • 10:51 am Thursday, June 16th, 2016 by Staff Writer

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads on my reader list, and all those who are not. To all those who gave life and love, and bestowed gifts and values upon their children.

Most of you have heard me talk about my own father. He was a complicated and conflicted man. We had a complicated and conflicted relationship. I am ever-grateful to him for shaping me, consciously or unconsciously, into the person I am today. I remember him with love.

But I’d like to tell you about another dad. One of the greatest I’ve ever met. One whom it is a privilege [More]

Choose JOY!

  • 12:04 pm Thursday, June 9th, 2016 by Staff Writer

Don’t Let Others Steal Your Joy

Every evening you invite me into your your cars, your office, your living rooms, your kitchens, onto your front porch… and I do my best to help you smooooooth off the rough edges of the day.

We chat, we tell stories, I play some music, and hopefully, I share a few gems, a few pearls of wisdom, if you will, that I’ve probably learned the hard way (because that’s the only way I learn!) in hopes of sparing you some measure of pain or heartache.

Here is one of those pearls, unstrung, to be polished and examined; [More]

Jest Because it’s June! June! June!

  • 10:25 am Thursday, June 2nd, 2016 by Staff Writer


Does this month, that word, cause Rodgers and Hammerstein music to run through your head, or is it just me? Wait, don’t answer that. It’s just me, right? That’s the result of growing up in my family; my dad taught us, through example, that there’s a song lyric to fit every occasion! We’re quirky like that!

Well, June IS bustin’ out all over! We seem to have skipped spring and gone right to summer here at the farm. All over the meadow and the hills, buds came bustin’ outa bushes months ago, roses have bloomed out and are on the second, [More]