Let Your Light Shine!

Let Your Light Shine! 

Posted: 5:32 pm Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

By Staff Writer


And thus we bid June a sweet adieu…

A few short weeks ago, we has such ANTICIPATION! We wanted warm weather, long days, kids home from school, (we did?!) flowers to be in bloom, veggies to be sprouting…

Well friends, we’ve got ’em all! Now what?D1

I’ve heard complaints all week about…

How HOT it is…
How it’s hard to go to sleep and the sun wakes everyone up too early…
How there’s NOTHING to DO…
How everyone hates to weed…

I’m crackin’ up. Don’t we just ALWAYS have to have something to complain about?!

But I for one, am not. I’m stinkin’ loving it! I’m out in my gardens every day. I love the smell of the soil as the dew evaporates in the mornings, the taste of swiss chard, and fresh peas, and artichokes!!! I love the sights and sounds of summer!

What have you been up to? Are you able to move past the complaining and enjoy this beautiful season God has given us? I hope so!

What are your 4th of July plans? I take my family to the coast every year where we have what can only be described as a “good old-fashioned 4th.”

The house we stay in has a BIG grassy yard, where the kids will set up their tents, we’ll play horse-shoes and ladder ball by day, swim and fish in the canal, BBQ burgers and hot dogs and some steak for the adults in the evening.

Down to the beach we’ll go at sunset to watch the dazzling display of fireworks, and spin our sparklers in the air. I am twelve again, every time I have one in my hands…

Returning home, I’ll put Delilah Jr. to bed, and watch and listen as the older kids build their bonfire, roast marshmallows and make S’mores, then stay up nearly all night telling tall tales.

While it’s true that today is a much, much different world than yesterday, some things stay pretty much the same. It is very easy for me to go back in my mind, some 50 odd years ago, to the same scenes played out with a different set of characters; My parents, my siblings, our families best friends.

Swimming, BBQ’s, tents, giggles, stolen kisses under giant exploding fireworks, and snappy, glowing sparklers writing my name in the darkened air…

I hope your 4th brings back wonderful old memories and creates fantastic new ones.

Aren’t we fortunate to live in this amazing Land of the Free and Home of the Brave?!

Blackberry Yums

My favorite blackberry variety is the smaller, trailing vine, native to the Pacific Northwest. The berries are tiny, about the size of your pinky tip, but soooo sweet! These little gems are ripe right now, and the kids and I have been picking like mad!

I had some puff pastry that I wanted to do something with, so I came up with some individual-serving-size treats that I’m calling Blackberry Yums, because, well, yum!

3 cups blackberries
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup corn starch
2 Tblspns lemon juice
8oz pkg cream cheese
3/4 cup sugar
1tsp vanilla

Puff pastry


• Mix berries, sugar, cornstarch and lemon juice together. Set aside.
• Blend cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla together, set aside.
• Oil or butter muffin tin very well.
• Bring puff pastry sheets to room temperature, roll until sheet is 1.5 times the original size. Cut each sheet into approximately 9 squares. Place each square into a mufffin tin, add a large dollop of cream cheese mixture then top with berry filling.
• Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 25-35 minutes, until the pastry has puffed and browned and the filling is bubbly.
• Serve warm; Top with whipping cream, sprinkle with powdered sugar, or serve ala mode. Yum!

These kind of remind me of stars… so if you’re looking for something that would be just perfect on your star-spangled BBQ dessert table, look no further!

Armed Forces Network Radio

D3Guess what?! Guess what?! Guess what?! My radio program is now being aired by Armed Forces Network Radio!!!

I am ecstatic! All of you know how much I LOVE the men and women who serve to defend and protect our country! So many of my listeners over the years have been these brave individuals and their families; I can barely contain my excitement about serving THEM over the airwaves.

Right now, the program is airing on Sunday evenings, but come September the show will be carried in its regular daily format. According to the AFN Radio blog, “AFN Radio serves more than 400,000 American service men and women, Department of Defense civilians and their families stationed at bases and American Embassies and Consulates in 175 countries and 200 U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command ships at sea.”

D4We’ll be stepping up our game for our fans in fatigues. I can’t wait to start taking your calls and dedications, hearing your stories and sharing in your adventures.

I want to know about your job, your loves, your kids, and why YOU are the one that stepped up, raised their hand and said, “Yeah, I’ll do it. I’ll put my life on the line so that you may live FREE.”

Write to me, talk to me. I’ll help you to smooth off the rough edges of a rough day and be here to keep you and your loved ones company during those long deployments.

Did I mention I was excited?! Thank you my military friends, spending time with you is such and honor!

Let Your Light ShineD5

Delilah Jr. has been having fun at VBS! She came home with this delightful craft the other day that I want to share with you. It looks to me like something you might want to try with your kids on one of those days they are complaining that there is NOTHING to DO!

You will need:

2 large styrafoam cups
1 sturdy paper plate
1 piece of green or brown construction paper
I piece of red construction paper
1 electric votive candle
1 clear plastic condiment container, with 2 lids
small rocks

D6low-temp hot glue gun.

Assemble as seen in the photo with hot-glue gun.

And voila! Let your light shine!

I hope you are all enjoying summer! I hope you’re not getting caught up in negativity and complaining, there is sooo much to be grateful and thankful for this season. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July. And, I hope you will take my oft repeated advice and Love Someone!

God bless you all my dear, dear friends, and God bless America!

~ Delilah