Live Life Fully!

Live Life Fully! 

Posted: 5:08 pm Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

By Staff Writer


Summer is OFFICIALLY here! Loooong days, lemonade, and uh, swimsuit season…

I HEARD that! I heard you groan! Well, I want to say Stop It!

D1This is something I notice every summer; men and women sitting around pools, beaches, water parks, in shorts or sundresses, but not DOING anything. Not participating.

Recently, on an outing with my youngest to a water park, I struck up a conversation with a mom, whose son was in the water with Delilah Jr. I’d been in and out of the water all afternoon and I asked the mom why she wasn’t swimming.

“Didn’t bring my suit.” was her reply.

“How come?” I asked, curious why anyone would come to a water park without a bathing suit.

Her reply didn’t really surprise me, but it did make me sad. She said since she’d had her youngest child, 5 years ago, she hadn’t lost the baby-weight, so she didn’t put a suit on any more.

Five years?! Are you kidding me???

I haven’t lost my baby-weight either, and it’s been 17 years since I gave birth!

Why? Why do we do these things to ourselves? Why would anyone wait five months, let alone five years, to start having fun with their child, to start having fun for themselves, because they don’t think they look like something in a magazine?

If you are waiting to do something because you don’t look the part, I implore you to stop!

If you want to go swimming, go!D2

If you want to go hiking, go!

If you want to go biking, go!

If you want to go on a cruise, go!

If you want to go dancing, go!

If you want to go _______ (fill in the blank), go!

Stop waiting to live life fully until you meet some body-image ideal! This mother that I was talking with, who is far younger and far thinner than I’ll ever be again, has missed out on 5 years of swimming with her children. Splashing, frolicking, memory-making…

Stop waiting! Today is a perfect day to begin to live life fully! Go!

Not Forgotten
Kenneth Bae

D3Many of you will remember hearing about Kenneth Bae on the news a few years ago, and some of you may have seen a story on him just recently.

Bae, a Christian missionary, moved to China in 2007 in order to lead guided tours into the secretive nation of North Korea, whose people he feels called to serve.

After being there six years and leading 18 successful tours, Kenneth was detained at the border and his computer confiscated. He was arrested, questioned, put to trial and found guilty of attempting to overthrow the North Korean government. He was sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor.

Ken’s family and friends in the Puget Sound area of Washington State rallied to support him and build awareness of his plight. National media outlets picked up and ran his story. He was eventually released after doing months of farm labor, losing over 50 pounds, and suffering many health crises.

Not Forgotten is both a compelling narrative of one man’s dedication to serving the less fortunate and a modern testament of a missionary forced to rely solely on the God who sent him into dangerous territory.

I think you’ll be amazed at the tour Ken gives in his book; a guide through life inside one of the most shrouded countries on earth.

This book should appeal to both spiritual and secular readers, it is one of suspense, intrigue, and most of all, heart.

Don’t forget to go to Amazon and pick up your next summer read, Not Forgotten.


What could be better on a warm summer day than a cool lemon bar? A friend gave me a wonderful recipe my kids keep begging me to make. They love these refreshingly sweet-tart delights and, unfortunately, SO DO I!!! (I’m still putting my bathing suit on though!)

1 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup white sugar
2 cups all-purpose flour
4 eggs
1 1/2 cups white sugar
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
2 lemons, juiced


• Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
• In a medium bowl, blend together softened butter, 2 cups flour and 1/2 cup sugar. Press into the bottom of an ungreased 9×13 inch pan.
• Bake for 15 to 20 minutes in the preheated oven, or until firm and golden.
• In another bowl, whisk together the remaining 1 1/2 cups sugar and 1/4 cup flour. Whisk in the eggs and lemon juice. Pour over the baked crust.
• Bake for an additional 20 minutes in the preheated oven. Bars will firm up as they cool.

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Tell me how you met your love, about your child, your parent, your friend. Tell me about how you overcame adversity; how it made you stronger.D5

Tell me about your faith; a miracle you witnessed.

Tell me.

Tell me everything!

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Did any of you see the “strawberry moon” on the evening of the 20th? Reports were that it was going to be pink, but many facebook visitors told me it was only called such because it was a full-moon on summer solstice which is in June, the month of strawberries…

Whatever the basis for the moniker, it was GORGEOUS! In my little corner of the world, we had a wild and thunderous lightening storm. But before the rains came, (and come they did!) we gazed in awe at God’s handiwork.

I checked in with facebook to see who was moon gazing, and got the most wonderful responses coast to beautiful coast:

“Yes – went on Maine’s Eastern Trail in Biddeford. Beautiful walk full of fireflies and a perfect ball of orange!” ~ Kathy P.

“It was beautiful. About 9 o’clock it was huge, it did look kinda pink as the sun was setting, then it glowed a bright orange color for about 2 hours, later it was moon bright white. I was driving on I-20E through Alabama to Atlanta.” ~ Thyris M.

“The moon here in California is beautiful; full moon but a bright white!” ~Teresa M.

Happy summer my friends! Make it a great one. Enjoy the many hours of sunlight, time with friends and family. Make memories. If you want to do something, but are worried you don’t look the “type,” to heck with that, DO IT! And remember, when life gives you lemons, make lemon bars!

…and never forget to Love Someone,

~ Delilah