The Treasure of You

The Treasure of You 

Posted: 12:49 pm Thursday, July 21st, 2016

By Staff Writer


Last week I was telling you about my travels and the beautiful hearts I met along the way. It made me wonder, “Have I told you lately that I love you?”D1

People have been congratulating me this week on my induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame… and I am so very humbled. I am being honored for Longstanding (20+ years) Radio Presence.

Folks wonder how I could be doing what I’m doing for over 20 years! I’ve got news, I’ve been doing this for over 40 years!

The secret? I LOVE IT! I don’t ever feel like it’s work. Yes, sometimes the commitments that stem from my passion can overwhelm and exhaust, but always there is well, YOU, and that makes everything worth while.

Each night I come down into my studio, dim the lights, sip on my cup of tea, and open the phone lines, so that I can talk and listen and enter into your world for just a moment; I love the little hidden treasures of you.

Have you ever walked along the beach, looking ’round and suddenly you spot IT? Maybe an unbroken shell, maybe a perfect polished stone, maybe a tumbled piece of sea glass?

Whatever IT is, you spot it and feel such delight. You discovered an unexpected treasure and it lifts you and your heart. The joy from that one little unexpected discovery carries you on and over innumerable insults to your peace and tranquility.

I feel that same way when you share your stories with me, and let me see a little bit of your heart. It’s like a gift, a treasure, buried there in the sand, that I was blessed to discover.

When you call and trust me enough to share your story, you are lifting me up. So when I pry into your business, and you trust me enough to open up and share from your heart, you are giving me a treasure; a glimpse into who you REALLY are, and I appreciate and love you for that soooo much.

THAT is what makes this show. The music is a fantastic part, but you can all get that with out the chatter now through downloads and music services. It’s the stories.

It’s YOUR stories. Stories from the heart that people can relate to. By sharing your story, others who are going through similar experiences hear and don’t feel so very alone. (As we often can when riding the tides of life.) Your stories lift and inspire others, as they lift and inspire me.

You are my inspiration. You are my reason. You are what makes my radio program so special, so longstanding. You are my treasures.

Thank you.


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The kids and I are definitely taking advantage of the sale! CD’s to listen to on our drives, books to stick our noses in at the beach, in the garden, and in the shade of a tree… and movies to watch in the evenings or when those rain squalls blow through.

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So glad they let me know about this so I could pass the info along to all of you!

Elton John | A Good Heart

D3Have you seen the video for Elton John’s new single, A Good Heart, from his latest studio album, Wonderful Crazy Night? It blends scenes of lovers, friends, and family members, emphasizing the universal nature of love.

His message? Love is what makes the world go ’round!

Watch the video: A Good Heart.

Did he write this song for my show? My life? How often have you heard me implore you to Love Someone? Sir Elton gets it. Love isn’t just about that heart pounding, head buzzing, reeling feeling (although that IS a really really nice kind of love!) It’s about parents and children, life long friends, neighbors… even pets and causes.

A Good Heart is beautiful. It is a message we all need to hear, right now, today! You’re in luck! You can download the single or the entire album via iTunes!

From the “mail bag”

Hi Delilah,

I just wanted to let you know what a huge part you’ve played in my life. I listened to you as a kid, through high school and college.  A few years later I moved away from my home state, and THERE YOU WERE! My boyfriend and I dedicated songs to each other over your show, then we got married, and now have 3 beautiful children. Guess who is still a part of our lives? My kids refer to you at the table like a family member; “Delilah said…”

Thanks for keeping us company all these years!

~ Merry, Macon GA

Hi Merry!

When I hear these kinds of stories, I have mixed reactions, “How awesome! followed quickly by, “I’m so old!”  Love hearing them though. God bless and keep you and your beautiful family!

Hey there Delilah – hehe,

Love checking in with you over Facebook. The town I live in doesn’t carry your show any more, but I listen to you over the iHeart app and check your news feed. It’s fun to see what you’ve been up to and how your family is growing. Always in age, but also in number! Thanks for all the bright spots you add to my day!

~ David, Cincinnati, OH

Hi David! I love Facebook. I’m connected with so many people in ways that were not possible before. Thanks for continuing to be part of my radio family!


I’m from Oregon but go to college in Michigan. The other day I turned on the radio and heard a familiar voice. It was you. That was pretty weird. And cool. Weird and Cool. This is your niece, by the way. Hahaha.

~ Lolo, Grand Rapids, MI

Dear Lolo,

You are a nut! I love you to the moon and back to Grand Rapids where I am soooo impressed with your dedication to your education and faith at Calvin College. Have fun and be blessed on your trip to Latvia where you will enrich the lives of so many children. You are one of life’s best treasures!

Last week I asked you to look for the GOOD. Become a seeker of the beautiful, the fragile, the hope and faith and promise that lies within each moment of each day that God has given us.

You provide all these things to me and have, for well over the 20 years I’m being recognized for. You have provided treasure after treasure; my treasure chest runs full and so does my life. Thank you again my friends.

Love Someone – right now!

~ Delilah