Crafting A Soothed Soul

Crafting A Soothed Soul 

Posted: 4:50 pm Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

By Staff Writer


What kinds of activities do you engage in to calm and restore your spirit? I have a long list:D1

• Quality time with loved ones
• Gardening
• My animals
• Reading
• Cooking
• Walking and spending time in nature
• Drawing and Painting, and…
• Crafting

Crafting differs from drawing and painting because instead of starting with a blank canvas, or piece of paper, and pulling images from my mind, it generally means (for me) that I begin with materials that have been used for a different purpose or way and I’m giving it a new life by adding or modifying.

How does this soothe and restore me? I’m not really sure except to say that while fully engaged in the process, I loose myself. The tide of my mind and all the resulting flotsam and jetsam from career, family, farm, responsibilities… recede.

I’m left with only the materials, a goal, and gratification when finished.

If it’s a material I’ve used before, like clay, I might already have a “feel” for it. I know how to coax the best behavior from it… not too warm, cool, wet or dry.

If I’m using hot glue, for example, I know I’ll have a burn afterwards… that’s just something I’ve come to expect.

Other materials, like the lamp shade I’ll explain later on, might require a bit of fussing over… How long do I cut the ribbons? Will this material rip in a straight line? How do I get the button’s on there?

As I think and work through the process, it becomes all there is. And while I might have a blister or two when I’ve finished wrapping that 100th grapevine wreathe, the stress I’d been carrying around in my shoulders has gone, the problems that were overwhelming seem smaller, my mood is lighter, and I have “given birth” to something that can be used and enjoyed by me or another.

This is good.

The same thing happens when I pray, or read, or garden, or cook…

So I want to know, what’s on your list?

My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry
Fredrik Backman

Did you read this months book club pick, My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry yet? (If not, how come???)D4

It’s really a phenomenal book! I promise. It’s one of my absolute FAVORITES and every time I mention it, several folks will chime in and say they’ve read it and how good it is.

It’s a unique story, about a unique girl, with a unique story of her own. Little Elsa, just seven, is left with a task after her grandmother dies; to deliver letters to those her grandmother has ‘wronged,’ and apologize on her grandmother’s behalf.

It’s funny, it’s touching, and it’s a testament to the positive power of being “different.” Being different becomes easier and more celebrated as we age, but it’s very, very difficult when your seven (or 17!).

Pick up My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry, and cheer Elsa on as she works through her task, and journeys through wonky situation after wonky situation.

I won’t have to tell you I’m sorry for recommending the book, I promise you that!

Head over to my Book Club web page to read a little more and the link to purchase.

And, if you feel like practicing your Swedish name pronunciations, check out this fun video link!

Seal 7

D3Multi-platinum, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, and often-played on my radio program, Seal, will be going on tour late this summer, performing hits from his illustrious 20-plus-year career.

The kick-off is August 18th in Hollywood, Florida and he’ll continue the run through various cities across the country such as Atlanta, Washington DC and Atlantic City.

Have you seen the cool video of Seal jumping in to sing along with a Montréal street busker? SO. FUN. He thought so too and has done it a few more times, even inviting the buskers to come on stage with him later in the evenings, AND, he’s started his own Facebook live series, Street Songs, where he posts videos of these spontaneous sessions with fans. Click on the provided link and check it out.

I stinkin’ LOVE this man’s music, which has been a staple of my show’s playlist for as long as he’s been recording.

Seal latest album, 7, is fabulous. The artist’s focus remains where it’s always been, on the many permutations of love. “I just want people to feel,” he says.

Amen to that!

Ad 7 to your playlist today by purchasing through Amazon or iTunes.

Recently, I found myself decorating a bedroom with a lavender color theme. I’d located some lamps but wanted a little more pizzaz than they were offering. The craft side of my brain took over…

So I:D4

• Purchased fabric, ribbons, and notions at JoAnn’s Fabric & Craft and costume jewelry from Goodwill.
• Found an outdated lampshade and peeled off the old, stained fabric covering.
• Spray painted the metal frame/armature.
• Tore fabric into 1.5″ wide strips and made them 8″ longer, when doubled, than the measurement of the frame’s height.
• I folded each strip in half, looped it over the frame then pulled the two ends through the loop.
• I completely filled the top circle, or hoop, of the shade frame/armature with the strips of fabric, lace, and ribbons.
D5• Used hot-glue to attach a piece of ribbon around the top hoop to hide the knotted loops and create a nice finish.
• I added beads and jewels to embellish
• Finally, I used my newly created shabby-chic lampshade with a lamp I’d purchased in a thrift shop for $3.99.
• I loved it so much, I made another…

Voila! Made in the shade!

Do you ever “get your craft on?” If yes, do you feel the way I do? What kinds of crafting do you love to do? I really want you to tell me and send me photos. Write to and let me see and hear what you’re up to!

Whatever your method, I hope you have something that helps you to soothe and restore your spirit and soul. With the non-stop coverage by media of violent acts in our world, we sorely need positive, productive distractions.

Let me be one of yours. Join me on the airwaves each evening and I will do all I can to smooth out those rough edges caused by the grinding and gnashing of teeth and temperments. Stories of hope, healing, laughter and lightness, combined with the BEST music… I’ve got it all for you.

Be well, my friends, and Love Someone,

~ Delilah