Community Rocks

Community Rocks 

Posted: 6:08 pm Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

By Staff Writer


A few weeks ago I shared my love of crafting with you.D1

This week I’m sharing my community’s love of crafting, (perhaps this is more “arting”) and how the practice has brought our town together.

First, a little about my community. I live about an hour outside a large, fairly wealthy and healthy (economically speaking) metropolitan area. Step a foot or two over the city boundary however, it’s a different story.

Folks here are struggling. Jobs are scarce, resources are scarce, sometimes, hope is scarce. Not this summer!

This summer someone brilliant and talented created a phenomenal movement. It rocks!


Painted rocks.

Everybody is painting rocks! And hiding them – well, “hiding” just by putting the painted side down, and placing them where people can find them.

And the community, from the youngest to the oldest, is INTO IT!

D2Stroll about a park, a path, just about any place, start turning over rocks, and you’ll probably come across a painted treasure. What to do then?

Well, you can admire it and move along, or you can take it and replace it with one you’ve painted, or you can take it and hide it somewhere else, or, you can just take it!

Cuz that’s how we roll. Or rock. Or rock and roll…

Of course, I had to get in on the action. I painted and painted and painted one afternoon.

And scattered and scattered and scattered the next.

And that evening, lo and behold, a picture of one of my rocks showed up on our community blog, next to a sleeping child and the treasures she’d collected that day.


Made my day. Made my week. Made my year.

So what did I do? Organized a painting party of course. Made up a HUGE low-country boil (see below for recipe) and we ate, and laughed, and painted like mad!

This is The Stuff folks.

Do not misinterpret. There is a REAL NEED for jobs, resources, education, etc., but it’s these little things that are so very very important when the big things have gone missing and you’re not sure when they’ll be back.

This is The Stuff that provides levity, hope and healing, and what binds a community together.

And community rocks! It does! Try it in your little piece of the country!

O Edwin Where Art ThouD4
Edwin McCain

I’m super thrilled to be telling you about an artist this week that you all know, even though you might not know you know. You know?

I’ve played Edwin McCain, over and over and over, on my program for many years. You’ve chosen his two biggest hits over and over and over again for your weddings, anniversaries, and dedications to the loves of your life. You have. I promise.

If you’re having trouble placing the name, you’ll remember “I’ll be” and “I Could Not Ask For More.” Two of the greatest, most requested, most played love songs ever recorded!

But today I’m going to tell you about his NEW stuff. This Friday, August 12, his new EP, O Edwin Where Art Thou, will be released. Guess what? You don’t have to wait until Friday, you can listen to some of the tracks TODAY!

McCain is at his gracious, soulful, story-telling best; and I love it!

Here’s a link you’d have to search pretty hard for if Edwin hadn’t given it to me. Head on over and listen to the guy The New York Times calls “The Great American Romantic.

Listen to Edwin McCain’s New Music!

The Stage says the EP “…combines rock, pop, blues, and folk, for one diverse sounding album that stands as McCains best work of America’s most vital rock singer/songwriter.

I agree with both. Edwin’s romantic heart and incredible musical talent has deepened and matured over the years, but his boyish charm hasn’t changed a bit!

Neither has his giving nature. Edwin has been so generous to donate some very special items to be auctioned off for my favorite charity, Point Hope.

You can bid on signed sheet music for two of his new singles, HOME and 8 Miles from a Paved Road… AND (this is soooo awesome!) Edwin will record an outgoing phone message for the winning bidder of this auction! THAT, my friends, is way cool!


Catch up with Edwin McCain on tour during the months of
August and September; Touring Schedule.

You don’t even have to get that close to the stage to see his eyes sparkle and his smile dazzle. One thing’s for sure; his music will delight!

Low Country Boil
serves 16

I recently invited a bunch of friends and family over to rock out… ahem, pardon the corny sense of humor; to paint rocks, as it were. I did a huge Low Country Boil to feed everyone and posted it on Facebook. So many requests for recipes, and the query, “What’s a Low Country Boil?

It’s basically a pot full of corn, potatoes, and seafood – generally crab and shrimp, often with some sausage thrown in. I believe it gets it’s name from the low country associated with South Carolina, but hey, I figure if you live anywhere you can easily come by fresh seafood, you must be in pretty low country, i.e. sea level!

Here’s how I did it. Outdoors, I might add, because… smell.D5


• 8 ears of corn, shucked, cleaned, and broken in half
• 3-4 lbs of new potatoes, cleaned, skin on
• 3 16oz packages of kielbasa, sliced
• 4 whole crab, quartered, uncooked (if cooked, add in the last few minutes to heat through)
• 2-3 lbs of shrimp
• Salt, Pepper, garlic, bay leaves, and seasonings such as Old Bay, Zatarains, or your choice.


1.   Place all ingredients in very large stock pot – or divide and place equal amounts into two or three stock pots and cover with water or, for added flavor, chicken stock.*

2.   * If potatoes are large, cook a for a while before adding other ingredients so they are not undercooked, or the others overcooked.

3.   Also, if crab is already cooked, wait to add.

4.   Season

5.   Bring water/stock to boil and cook until potatoes are fork tender. (Add cooked crab in the last few minutes – water will cool, make sure it has come to a full boil for at least 3 minutes before removing)

6.   When all ingredients are cooked through, drain and “dump” onto newspaper (or giant leaves!) in the middle of farm/family style table.

7.   Have butter and more salt and pepper available for personal taste.

I served mine with a big cucumber salad and a 4-berry pie. Everything but the crab, shrimp, and spices came from my farm. There were no complaints.

You Rock!

Get into the painted rock scene by following these few simple steps.

1. Find rocks: Nothing too big – you should be able to hold it in the palm of your hand. Nothing too small – someone should be able to find it!
2. Brush off any excess dirt or dust
3. Spray one side with a base coat, if you like, or not.
4. Paint with acrylic craft paints (Thank you JoAnns!)
5. Spray with a clear sealer, or not.
6. Place unpainted side up in parks, playgrounds, pathways… anywhere and everywhere a treasure hunter might come across them.
7. Start a Facebook page or post to your community blog to get other rockers inspired to do the same! You can share as much (what you’ve painted, where your hiding, etc.) or as little as you like. I’ve started a Delilah Rocks Facebook page for you and others to upload your rock painting/finding pictures and stories to – please do!
8. Invite seekers to post pictures of their finds.

Community Rocks!

D7       D8        D9

I’ve talked a lot about rocks this week, but have I thanked you for being my rock? You are. You are always so very supportive and encouraging. You lift me up and settle me down, and I hope I do the same for you.

Join me in the evening on your local station or via iHeart. I’ll be here, taking your calls, listening and sharing your stories, smoothing off the rough edges of your day.

It’s what I do, and I do it for you, because life is nothing unless you Love Someone.

~ Delilah

“Rock on with your bad self!”