Love Is…

Love Is… 

Posted: 12:29 pm Thursday, August 25th, 2016

By Staff Writer


Do you think love is a feeling/emotion or is it an action?

That’s the question I’m posing to you this week.

When you say, “I love you” are you conveying a feeling or promising an action? Wm. Paul Young, the author of my fave book, The Shack, says “Love is what and who you are in your deepest essence.”D1

Let’s think about that…

If our bodies are mostly water, we must drink water. Good, clean, pure water. In doing so we replenish what is lost through the motions of life, and we stay healthy and well.

If our souls are made up of love, then we must replenish with more love. We must constantly be acting in loving ways. Our soul needs this in ways our body needs water.

But how? So many ways!

Easy ways. Pick up trash, recycle, smile at people. Talk, listen. Get involved in a cause. Fill out the form, get the background check and volunteer; read to school children, become a big brother or big sister. Find a church, a community center, a neighborhood watch group and see how you can help. Reach out to your neighbors. Forgive.

Is love a feeling or is it an action? Neither and both. It’s a feeling followed by an action. Or an action followed by a feeling. But it was already there to begin with, so… it’s a chicken and egg, win/win kinda thing. The trick is to tap into it.

If you’re not feeling loved, or lovable, start with the actions. If you think the world is suffering, don’t point fingers, start with you. You will experience, in very short order, the feeling of being replenished. The feelings of love, of good will, of positivity, will swell.

That’s how we change the world. One heart at a time, starting with our own.

Russell Watson | Sometime’s Love Just Ain’t Enough

Take a look and a listen to this guy! Russell Watson is the one of the UK’s biggest selling artists in history and has topped the UK and US charts at the same time, spending fifty-two consecutive weeks in the No.1 spot in both!D2

Listen Here

Her majesty, thinks he’s pretty all right… He performed at Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Coronation Gala Festival and he’s also performed at the opening ceremony of the World Games.

Talk about a wide variety of talent; He’s collaborated with Meatloaf, Lionel Richie, Paul McCartney, Lulu, Alexandra Burke, Sean Ryder and the late great Luciano Pavarotti. Wow. (Or, Wooooooooowwwwwwwww….)

Russell’s new album, Sometime’s Love Just Ain’t Enough, was recorded at Ennio Morricone’s Forum Music Village Studios in Rome with the 75 piece Orchestra Italiana Del Cinema, (so you know it’s going to be incredible!) and features members of Blondie, Portishead and Oasis/High Flying Birds.

It’s worth a listen, and let’s admit it, he’s worth a look!

And if ya love it, like I love it, download from iTunes or Amazon today!

Book Club |The Shack
Wm. Paul Young

D2I picked The Shack for this month’s book club, and told you all about why I did in the first newsletter of August. Basically, because it’s one of my absolute favorite books of all time!

Your response was overwhelmingly in agreement with me.

It is a story of great loss, of great pain, of great tragedy, of Great Sadness. But it is also a story of great hope.

Mack Phillips is a father of five, with a typical-ish life (if there is such a thing with five children) that changes, as things do, in the blink of an eye. While he rushes to save his son from drowning after the boy’s canoe capsizes, his young daughter, left alone on the shore, disappears.

The Shack, will make you think and feel and question. It made me affirm my faith in the Lord and in love.

Read it before the movie comes out in the spring of 2017, featuring our friend, Mr. Tim McGraw, and then, go see the movie, of course!

Delilah’s Book Club | The Shack

Finishing Touch YES!

Have you heard about this nifty little new shaver? It’s called Finishing Touch YES!D4

It’s small, handy, doesn’t nick or cut, electric, cordless, lighted… Perfect, in essence, for a back-to-school item when late practice and early mornings have left a few days growth and a young woman all of a sudden remember she has a presentation or assembly she wants to be looking sharp for!

I tuck mine in my purse, because I often (way, way too often) find myself in similar situations; chasing kids and animals and garden work then – uh oh – luncheon or meeting with someone I don’t want to be looking bedraggled when greeting.

Finishing Touch YES! is rechargeable, portable and perfect for all ages. It’s not a super close shave, but it is a DRY shaver, so it’s both super safe and super handy!

It’s available at CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. Hint: Make sure you look for it in the As Seen on TV or Shave aisle.

Click here for a money saving coupon.

I recently received the SWEETEST letter from 10 year old Ella. It made my heart swell, and I simply HAD to share…

Side a:


Side b:


Parts of our country experienced devastating flooding recently. Lives were lost, livelihoods were lost, homes and businesses were lost. Belongings, which can be replaced were lost (but creates extreme stress and strain on a person while trying.) I asked you to join me in prayer, and you did.

I’m going to ask you to continue to pray. Because while this situation is no longer at the top of the nations news-feed, it’s still very real and very frightening to the tens of thousands affected as they attempt to put the pieces of their lives back together again.

Pray for the flooding victims and for all the souls going through troubled times in our world. Doing so is just one way to Love Someone and will make you feel better too!

~ Delilah