Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry 

Posted: 5:50 pm Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

By Staff Writer


Last week I talked with you about being a refuge from the bitter, angry, divisiveness that is permeating our media these days, and on the heels of that note, in stormed Hurricane Matthew.



Hurricanes are REAL physical danger, friends. We are very blessed to live in a country that has storm preparedness policies and practices. Warnings were issued, evacuations ordered, first responders placed on alert, utility crews poised for action… and still there were folks who scoffed, who refused to move. This inaction not only puts the individual at risk but also all those who are called to assist.

As Matthew approached the US, after wreaking havoc upon island nations, I was put in touch with Sara Herald, Vice President of Barry University in Miami, Florida. Sara had some great things to share with me and my listeners about storm preparedness.

Many years ago, Sara had been called in to assist with the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew which ravaged Florida in 1992. It had been the first hurricane to hit the area in 30 years and everyone was seriously unprepared.

She told me it took twelve years for the area to be declared “recovered” from the devastation. By recovered they mean damaged and destroyed property rebuilt and the return of economic stability. The losses, in terms of lives and security, will be permanent for some.

But the winds of change blew in with Andrew. There were huge leaps taken in policy, planning, and practice for storm preparedness in Florida. Evacuation routes and warning systems were created. Cities, counties, states, and federal agencies have all worked in concert to make sure response is immediate and there are “boots on the ground.”

The problem? It’s been another 25 years and complacency has again set in. Two generations have never experienced the kind of terror and devastation Andrew caused and now folks are not heeding the warnings, not evacuating, not listening…

Hurricane season is just beginning. I have been praying throughout Matthew for calm: calm thoughts, calm actions, and calming of the natural forces at work. However while all I can do is pray, others have been hard at work trying desperately to keep those in danger safe.

I am grateful.

Be safe my friends. Sara implores you. I implore you. Be safe rather than sorry. We would all rather hear you tell the story of how you spend a bored and inconvenient night in shelter than the one of how you lost your life because you thought the predictions were exaggerated.

Autumn in the Studio | Balsam Hill


The studio, a 100-year old home I raised my family in, is all dressed up in fall finery! Balsam Hill, a new sponsor of my show, has provided us with the most gorgeous autumn decor!

I don’t think the old stone fireplace has ever looked so regal! Draped in garland, and crowned with a wreath of glory from the Autumn Abundance foliage collection, she commands such an audience I can’t seem to get the staff back to their production desks!

Just kidding, they do an awesome job, but they sure are enjoying sipping hot cider in the living room while on break. Who wouldn’t? Balsam Hill has provided us with an environment that my staff looks forward to when they head to work. Cozy and inviting with the rich warm colors and textures of a crisp fall season…

d3I love the pre-lit twiggy pumpkins (made by hand with real vine) and the staff loves the vintage spider candy bowl that Dee Dee quickly filled with treats! (Yes, yes, admittedly, I do too!)

DeeDee, DeAnna, and I had such a fun time placing all the wonderful decor items from Balsam Hill, as will you.

Visit today to see their entire Autumn and Winter collections which feature the most amazing realistic artificial Christmas trees!

Come home to Delilah and come home to Balsam Hill!

Almond ROCA® 7-Layer Wonder Cookies
Submitted by: Judy Lantz
1st place winner of the 2014 Washington State Fair ROCA® Elegance Baking and Confection Contest.

You all know my fondness for Almond ROCA candies, and have heard me tell the story, over and over again, how this was my mother’s FAVORITE candy! Those little pink tins appeared under our Christmas tree for her every year, and then were re-used for everything from buttons to captured grasshoppers!

Brown & Haley are proud Pacific Northwest confectioners with a rich history and a personal favorite of mine. They donate generously to a cause dear to me, Point Hope, and I am so grateful to them.

Enjoy this recipe for 7-Layer Wonder Cookies and go to the Brown & Haley website for delicious treats and more recipes that call for ROCA candies!

Prep Time: Approx. 35 min
Total Time: Approx. 1 hr
Yield: Varies depending on size


• 1 cube butter, softened
• 1 cup graham cracker crumbs
• 1 cup flaked coconut
• 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
• 1 cup vanilla milk chips
• 1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
• 1 cup Almond ROCA®, crushed


1. Preheat oven at 325??F
2. Spread butter in bottom of 9 x 13 glass pan
3. Spread or sprinkle the remaining ingredients except Almond ROCA® in the order listed above
4. Bake at 325??F for 30 minutes.
5. Pulse about 12 pieces of Almond ROCA® in a food processor until crushed
6. Remove pan from oven and immediately sprinkle the crushed Almond ROCA® on top
7. Cover with foil and let the last layer melt into yumminess
8. After the pan of cookies has cooled to room temperature, chill in the refrigerator over night
9. Using a very sharp, thin knife, cut into 1″ squares and separate with a narrow spatula
10. Pack into boxes, covered plastic containers or place on serving plates

Day Breaks | Norah Jones
New Music

d5I love to bring you new music that I think you will love. And I think you will love this: Grammy award winner Norah Jones new album, Day Breaks.

Norah is a perennial favorite of mine and her music is oft-requested on the show. Day Breaks is Norah at her familiar best. I’ve followed her since 2002 when her single Come Away With Me debuted. Come away I did, every time I heard it play, and the rest of the world did too. She called that her “moody little record” and it might have been, but the shift it caused in the perception of pop music of the day was anything but little. It was HUGE.

Day Breaks takes us back to those times, with Norah at the piano, wooing us with her sultry voice while she draws the most hauntingly lovely melodies from the keyboard.

I’m very pleased to have permission from Norah to share her sweet new music video Carry On here on my site.

Watch. Listen. Enjoy.

Day Breaks is available everywhere music is sold. Including:



Did you all see my Facebook post a while back about “Octo-carrot?” This crazy little guy greeted me in my garden recently and caused me to sit back on my heels and laugh!

I shared him on Facebook, and judging by the responses, he cause many of my visitors to laugh too. I’m so very glad! We need levity in our lives. It’s these little golden (orange?) moments that make life worth living; finding joy in the mundane.

I wish you joy. I wish you peace. I wish you love. I wish each of you a little piece of Octo-carrot and the smile he brought to my face.

God bless,

~ Delilah