Unclutter and Reprioritize

Unclutter and Reprioritize 

Posted: 2:28 pm Thursday, January 26th, 2017

By Staff Writer


My book club this month is about de-cluttering your home, which is a very tangible way of recognizing your priorities and removing the road blocks that keep you from them.


What kind of “clutter” has gotten in the way of your priorities?

Can I tell you something? I could absolutely care less about what kind of car you drive, what label is on the inside or outside of your jacket, your jeans, your boots or shoes… Whether your handbag is Italian leather or pleather, your credit card gold, platinum, or non existent. I don’t care where you live, what your furniture looks like, where you shop, vacation, or work. You get my drift…

You want to know what I DO care about? You know what “impresses” me. The way your heart works.

Do you have compassion for others? Are the needs of those less fortunate a priority? Do you go out of your way to show kindness? Do you visit shut-ins? Read books to your kids and grandkids? Take time to listen – really listen – to things your loved ones feel passionate about?

Do you honor people who deserve respect and thank those who put their lives at risk to enrich ours? Our soldiers, our police, firefighters, EMT’s? How ’bout the linemen and all the utility crews putting their life on the line in the worst of winter weather so we can have lights, power, water, and phones?

These are the things that matter. Do NOT worry about what other people think! Just live a life of integrity and compassion.

All that other stuff? Just clutter.

How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind: Dealing with Your House’s Dirty Little Secrets | Dana K. White

Available at Thomas Nelson and Amazon

d2My January’s Book Club has already come in handy!

I was inspired and after I’d packed away the holidays, I set to work and straightened up my craft room. What a lovely thing, to be able to go in and locate what I need without digging through the piles that had accumulated there. (It’s the little things, ya know?!)

Dana White, of the popular blog, “A Slob Comes Clean” approaches household clutter in a humorous and realistic manner.

If you need a homing device to find the things necessary to life under mounds of clutter, this is a great book for you!

How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind is a fantastic guide for bringing your home out of the mess and learning how to keep it under control!

White will teach you how to reclaim space, the habits that make the largest impact, and how to keep clutter contained…

I appreciate her REALITY-BASED cleaning and organizing techniques. We are not robots. Life happens. White gets this. She debunks the biggest housekeeping fantasies and helps readers learn what really works in real homes, with real people (not Pintrest Peeps.)

Reclaim your life one horizontal space after another!

Pick up your copy of How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind at
Thomas Nelson

Moore’s | Buffalo Ranch Crack Bread

I shared this once before, but have had several requests to do so again. Perfect for the BIG GAME, get crackin’!

Always count on Moore’s Marinades and Sauces for great recipes like this one that’s accompanied by a how-to video!

Buffalo Ranch Crack Bread



• 1 loaf round Artisan bread
• 1 block (8-12) ounces mozzarella cheese thinly sliced
• 1 stick butter
• 4 Tablespoons Moore’s Creamy Ranch Buffalo wing sauce
• 1 bunch scallions ends removed and chopped


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Cut the loaf length-wise and then width wise. Do not cut all the way to the bottom. Stuff the bread with the cheese.
3. In a medium bowl melt butter in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Add Moore’s Creamy Ranch Buffalo Wing sauce and scallions. Stir to combine.
4. Brush Buffalo mixture all over bread. Make sure it gets in all the “cracks” real good.
5. Tent the bread with aluminum foil and bake for 15 minutes.
6. Remove foil and bake another 10 minutes.
7. Serve hot – and allow diners to “pull apart’ pieces.

For How To steps, visit Moores.

Ain’t life tweet!

d2 d3

Now that my craft room is clean and organized, I’m inspired to do more of this!

To say it’s been a crazy week in the world of media, especially social media, is probably the understatement of the century! I’m not immune or unaware of what goes on in the political arena, and I’m not without my own opinions, but that’s not what the show, or my life is about.

I’d rather focus on, speak to, and celebrate the things that unite instead of divide us. Thank you for joining me on a platform of love, compassion, and integrity. I am so very, very grateful for your continued support and loyalty to those qualities essential to our individual and collective health and growth.


My dad was a pretty stubborn guy, but occasionally tolerance and understanding would come shining through his rigid demeanor. I remember him saying,”That’s why they make all different flavors of ice cream,” when he didn’t want to get caught up in a debate. That thought went through my mind more than once this week and it made me smile.

God bless you all, whatever your flavor!

~ Delilah