Roller Coaster Romance

Roller Coaster Romance 

Posted: 10:17 am Thursday, February 9th, 2017

By Staff Writer


I warned you last week, in the Delilah Monthly, that we’d be talkin’ L.O.V.E. – love – a LOT this month. I’m not going to break my promise.

I shared my thoughts on love of one’s self. The acceptance of who and where you are in life right now, which brings inner peace and joy; which radiates outward and is felt by others.


It’s this outward flowing current that often leads to the spark of romantic love; lover’s love.

I often get calls from people who are smitten! People who are just discovering the joy of true intimacy with their beloved, those planning their weddings, those discovering love anew in a different chapter of their lives.

Romantic love is intoxicating and exhilarating, it makes you feel as if you can leap tall buildings or swim across the ocean to be with your true love. It’s the stuff of poetry, plays, movies, lyrics, and sometimes, all out war.

Valentine’s Day, the national holiday of lovers, is next Tuesday. Do you have a true love that you’re trying to figure out how to demonstrate your unspeakably strong feelings for?

Instead of looking for the perfect card or perfect gift, I’m going suggest something altogether different.

I’m going to suggest that you look for ways to be more vulnerable and more transparent with the one you love.

I suggest you open your heart and share the full depth of your fears, the depth of your joys, and the depth of your dreams with your partner.

I love gifts just as much as everyone, but I know that in time, roses will wilt and the petals will fall, chocolates, while delicious, will add another hour on the treadmill, but real intimacy and honesty will last for eternity.


Bon Jovi | Roller Coaster
This House is Not For Sale

In November, Bon Jovi released their 13th studio album, This House is Not For Sale, and before I get to the music, can I just say that Jon Bon Jovi makes me feel sooooo good about my age?! The man still HAS it!

Roller Coaster is the 6th single from the album, and resonates with me and the show. It’s all about the tumultuous nature of love, the thrills, the chills, the inevitable ups and downs…

“Hold on tight, slide a little closer
Up so high stars are on our shoulders
Time flies by, don’t close your eyes
Kiss by kiss love is like a thrill ride
What goes up might take us upside down
Life ain’t a merry go round

It’s a roller coaster
It’s a roller coaster”

This is a GREAT song to listen to with your loved one on Valentines (or any) Day, and let them know there is no one else in the world you’d rather take the ride with!

Here’s the links to Watch the Video, and to purchase via Amazon.
Bon Jovi goes on tour this week through April 2017.
Check out their Tour Schedule!


Taken my Love Challenge?

Many of you may have seen posts on my social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, asking you to accept my Love Challenge to post only positive messages of hope and love during the month of February.

I’ve been sharing some lovely inspirational images. If you like them, cut and paste or click and share… let’s get some positive actions going!

It’s so easy to do! Turn away from the negativity and divisive soap boxes and Love Someone!

Book Recommendations:

Is your Valentine a book-worm? The kind that loves to curl up in the corner with a cup of tea and good read? Or stretch out in the recliner and turn pages? I’ve got a short list of books that speak volumes about Love…

d4Love Does | Bob Goff

Chock-full of nearly unbelievable stories from a very believable guy, Bob Goff. The premise of Love Does is that you can’t just feel it or talk about it, you must DO it! And when love does… beautiful things happen. It’s love in action!

Available through Amazon.

d5This Life I Live | Rory Feek

A picture perfect country duo, Rory and Joey Feek, are finding success and making their way up the charts when Joey is diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Here, Rory tells their story of faith, strength and compassion; one of eternal love.

Available for purchase HERE.

d2The Shack | Wm. Paul Young

Faltering in life after the loss of his daughter through unspeakable circumstances, Mack Phillips receives a mysterious note that leads him on a journey through, loss, forgiveness, and acceptance. A beautiful telling of God’s love.

Now a major motion picture coming out March 3rd and featuring Tim McGraw!

Buy the Book * Watch the movie Trailer * Buy the Soundtrack


On a very personal note, I want to say that not only do I LOVE Bon Jovi’s sound, but I also LOVE that they have a special place in their heart for Point Hope, supporting generously and consistently. So grateful!

True intimacy will bond you to your beloved in a way that cards, poems, and even those sappy love songs a certain radio personality loves to spin, can’t begin to explain or capture…

This Valentine’s Day be real, be raw, and you will be rewarded.

~ Delilah


ps. Many Congratulations to my niece, Charisa and her fiance’ Nick, who will be getting married at my farm this summer! It would be difficult for me to recall seeing any couple more silly, crazy, absolutely stoopid in LOVE as these two. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness ahead!