It’s a Family Matter

It’s a Family Matter 

Posted: 4:55 pm Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

By Staff Writer


Valentine’s Day may have passed, but love isn’t about just one day. There are 364 more in the year and 24 hours in each to love and be loved!

We’ve spent some time in these newsletters on love of one’s self, romantic love, and eternal love… this weekly is devoted to love of family.


This past weekend I journeyed home to the little town that I grew up in, and saw many familiar places along the way.

The house my folks were married in by a justice of the peace, the little community my grandparents lived in as teenagers, and the river bank where we camped each summer of my youth.

Each brought back strong memories and I was reminded of the deep deep roots of my family and how much love we shared.

My grandparents, parents, and older brother are now gone, but I feel their love all the more. My two siblings and I are so very different, but we adore each other all the same.

God used imperfect people to create our family, but the love we shared and continue to share is perfectly strong and true; my foundation of love is solid and firm.

d2I’ve built my family in a far different way than my folks built theirs, but all the traditions and memories I work to establish for my kids are because my parents put forth the effort to establish these for me; showing love through words, deeds, and actions.

Family is more than passed on genetic traits. Family are the people you chose to live your lives beside, sharing triumphs and tragedies and loving, loving, loving. Family are the ones that share in the tingly excitement when you meet a special someone, and wrap their arms around you if it doesn’t work out.

So let’s keep setting aside that ONE day of hearts and candy and flowers just because it’s fun and romantic and a great excuse to eat far too many chocolate caramels, but let’s not forget to LOVE excessively and without condition the other 364; and let’s start at home!

Have a family story to share? Please do!
Go to my web page HERE and send me a note!

February Book Club | The Shack
Wm. Paul Young

Buy the Book * Watch the Trailer * Purchase the Soundtrack

d2The Shack has been a favorite book of mine for some time. It struck a deep, emotional chord the first time I read it, and continues to do so every subsequent read.

The loss of a child… a pain I pray no one must go through, yet a tragic but inevitable reality of life. The Shack is a story that explores the inconceivable, and demonstrates the grace, mercy, and love necessary to make it through.

Now The Shack is a major motion picture debuting nation wide on March 3.

It stars Octavia Spencer, Sam Worthington, and features my friend, Tim McGraw (who had done so much to help Point Hope!) It’s one of the few movies I can say truly does the original story credit. Make sure there’s a movie night in your near future!

The song, Keep Your Eyes on Me, written and produced by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill for the movie is now one of my favorites, and I’m willing to bet will soon be one of yours.

I was so honored to be asked to introduce the movie and of course agreed! We filmed the introduction and a chat with the author in LA, and it will be shown with during a special preview March 2.

Check listing’s and buy tickets HERE if the preview will be shown in a theater near you!

Delilah’s Family & Friends | Movie Night Sweepstakes

dSpeaking of The Shack, how would you and 25 family and friends like to go see the movie on me? Yes?!

I’ll be giving away three (3) movie packages per week all this week and next (6 total.) To enter the sweepstakes, visiti me at and enter to win. Winners will be chosen at random.

I’m even throwing in the popcorn and soda so ENTER right now!

Plant a Garden!


Recently I shared this image on my Facebook page…

I think it relevant today, not because of war-time food shortages, but because there is an increased interest and very real concern about the food we eat and feed to our families.

It doesn’t take much land to plat a garden that will supply you with an abundance of wholesome, organic food; pesticide, herbicide, hormone free and non GMO!

I hope you’re inspired to do so! Now is the time to start planning.

Check with your county extension office for a wealth of information and helpful advice on prepping and planting a garden in your area.

This is a lovey family activity that teaches so many valuable lessons and is also a great deal of fun ~ Happy Growing!

Write to me at and tell me about your garden plan!

February Love Challenge

My February Love Challenge continues… Let’s do our part to silence the negativity that’s run rampant on social media and in the world!

Continue to post only positive messages of LOVE; kindness, forgiveness, grace, compassion, and gratitude. Speak and act in like kind.

Please do me a favor and share a favorite memory with your family. Put effort into keeping traditions that you enjoyed as a kid and that helped to build your foundation going for generations to come.

With much love from my family to yours,

~ Delilah