Let Love & Hope Go A ‘Twining

Let Love & Hope Go A ‘Twining 

Posted: 5:24 pm Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

By Staff Writer

A week ago I was writing about how Spring | Vernal Equinox was nigh…
Today I write about how a few days back it passed us by!

Yes! Spring, glorious, wonderful, daffy-down-dilly filled Spring is here! It might still be cold in your corner, it might be a little dreary, it may even be (as some of my Facebook enthusiasts tell me,) sweltering hot already. Whatever the weather, most of us can undoubtedly tell there is a change in the wind…

In my neck of the woods, Spring is heralded by bright purple, yellow, and white crocus, the frilly bonnets of daffodils swaying graciously on long pencil thin necks. It’s bird song, and buds bursting, baby goats and babbling brooks. Green grass, green eggs, and green-with-envy folks in those already sweltering climes 🙂

For everyone, everywhere, Spring is Hope, and Hope springs eternal. A time of rebirth, renewal and re-commitment, to being healthier, happier, and more helpful. (Ok, enough with the alliterations already!)

Do YOU feel it? Do you have more energy? More zip? More vim and vigor?

I sure do! And what I beautiful way I was able to kick off Spring – aboard the 70’s Rock and Romance Cruise!

Me, and 4 of my staff, enjoyed the hospitality of Celebrity Cruise Line aboard the Summit. Room service, fresh flowers, plenty of sun and sea air. We stopped in Cozumel, where I zip lined, and in Key West, where I para-sailed! It. Was. Glorious!

Aboard ship I met some wonderful fans, got wowed by the best of the best of the day like Little River Band, America, Player, Firefall, Ambrosia, Peter Frampton, Chuck Negron, Christopher Cross, AND MORE!


I introduced myself to Greg Brady (Barry Williams) who didn’t have a CLUE who I was, but I still found him to be gracious, charming, and very very authentic. He had the most beautiful, soulful eyes, and a gorgeous wife who I’m sure admired them as much as I… sigh.

My Brady Bunch days are over, just like my hot pants, halter tops, and disco fever that broke long ago, but Mr. Williams was lovely to meet all-the-same.

A delightful young couple, Morgan and Josh, who won the cruise package contest, joined our party the last evening aboard ship. Their love for one another, their excitement about the future, and their unbridled HOPE were infectious. I wish them a world of happiness and fortitude to get through the inevitable rough waters of marriage and family.

March Book Club| This Life I Live
Rory Feek

Available via Amazon

In the Monthly, I introduced you to the book, This Life I Live, written by Rory Feek, husband and country duo partner of Joey Feek.

Joey was diagnosed with a rapidly spreading cancer shortly after their daughter, Indiana, was born. Rory was by her side throughout the journey and blogged about it, sharing the pain and promise of letting go.

Joey, Rory, and their girls were embraced by legions of readers, who were in turn, touched, and lifted up by her faith, hope, and love.

More than about Joey, the blog was the outpouring of Rory’s life, before, during, and after. The story of a boy and a man; lost, found, and though grief-stricken, solid, because of the doors Joey unlocked and God walked through.

The blog became a book, and the book is now available to you.

Read This Life I Live. I was inspired, you will be too.

And be sure to listen to my podcast Always Choose Love, featuring Rory Feek!

Plant Something!

No, it’s not too soon for a few things! Early peas for one! If your ground is soft, pick a spot with a southern facing exposure that gets the most sun all day.

A nice big pot with a teepee-type trellis will do the trick too if all you have is a patio or you simply want to keep it contained.

Head to your local hardware store like The Home Depot and pick up a packet or two of early snap peas.

Plant. Water. Watch. Pick. Eat!

I like to call sugar snap peas a “gateway plant” to a full-blown gardening addiction.

Nothing could be more ‘easy-peasy’ than early peas and they are soooo sweet, crunchy, healthful, and delicious!

It’s a great way to introduce children or yourself to the joys and benefits of edible gardening.

Shoot! You got this!

New Pod-Cast | All Aboard with Pat Monahan from TRAIN!


Pat Monahan is not only an amazing singer and songwriter but is so refreshingly humble. Together we share some thoughts on life, music, and Train’s upcoming tour.

And, go figure, we even manage to squeeze in a wee bit of silliness for good measure!

Listen HERE

Summer Concert Tours

Where oh where would the Delilah radio program be without music? Um, yeah, OK, there would BE no Delilah radio program!

Sharing the magic of music is a great joy of mine and I’ll do so in all the ways I can. On the air, (of course!) aboard cruise ships, (more often, please!) and by telling you about new releases (yay!) and concert opportunities (rock on!)

Here’s a tip on that last one. There are three “epically” awesome tours coming up!

Dig deeper on Delilah.com!

Happy Hopeful Spring, my wonderful loyal listeners, subscribers, and radio family.

I extend to you all the same wishes I have for Morgan and Josh, because while they may be just putting their first steps forward on this long road of life, this season is a chance for us all to have a fresh start.

May you all rejoice in the promise of Spring and the stirring of Hope that it brings.

Let’s Love Someone and let curly tendrils of hope go a’twining every which way,

~ Delilah