Cling to your rock!

Cling to your rock! 

Posted: 4:36 pm Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

By Staff Writer

This past weekend I went hiking in the mountains with my family…

I’m not going to kid you, it was difficult for me. After some surgeries a few years back I haven’t been that active, but this year I determined that my days of lolly-gagging about were over. I started slowly by walking around my own property with my little Delilah encouraging every step.

My walks got longer, and I got braver, even climbing hundred of flights of stairs with my sister on a zip lining adventure last month. You, know what? My hip and back hurt like the dickens some times, but the rest of me feels great! I am definitely stronger, sleep better, and have more energy.

So, as I’m lumbering along, behind my husband, the 7 young adults, and Delilah Jr. I was thinking a lot about adversity.

The people in my life that I love and admire the most are no strangers to adversity. They have all faced mighty challenges and come out stronger, even though what they were going through must’ve hurt like the dickens at the time.

As I was pondering this and reveling in God’s glory and handiwork, I saw the most amazing site. We were on the edge of a rushing, raging, roaring river, the force of which was terrifyingly beautiful, and I spied a cedar tree growing 15-20 feet above the water – right out of the side of a sheer rock cliff!

I stared, I marveled, I gawked.

While everyone else thought, “Wow, yeah, that’s cool.” I was flabbergast. I guess because I’d had this little adversity theme running through my head already and here God had placed this miracle of nature in my view.

Somehow, against all conceivable odds, a seed had been planted in the most uninviting, harsh, infertile of places, and GREW. Grew tall, and straight, and strong, and green, and lush, and all the while, the water churned and frothed below, taking out everything in it’s path. There, pressed into the rock, seemingly oblivious to it’s own peril, the tree wasn’t just alive, it was thriving.

What an incredible metaphor for my faith. When I press myself to MY rock, my Lord and Savior, and focus on Him, and His will instead of the turmoil or noise of adversity and discontent that may be churning away uncomfortably close to me, I too grow stronger and healthier.

How about you? Does adversity eat away at you, erode your faith in yourself and in God, or does it make you stronger, more appreciative?

This Sunday, we will celebrate the holiest day of the year, when the stone was rolled away and the tomb found empty. If it had not been so, then everything He had said and done would not have mattered. But the empty tomb proved Jesus spoke the truth, and because of that miracle, we can live all without fear or condemnation.

In times of adversity, seek Him.

Smurfs | The Lost Village

In theaters NOW! *** Watch the trailer HERE

I’m singin’ the blues, but not the way you probably think! There is a NEW Smurf movie out and It.Is.Awesome!

Smurfs take me waaaaay back to when my oldest (now a married father of 4 and a police officer!) was just a little one. He loved to get his Smurf on, and I grew to love them through him.

The Smurfs are back on an all new adventure that kids and adults alike will love! This is and is not like the Smurfs you knew before. Same adorable, brilliant blue buddies of old, with…

New characters (Willow, Blossom, Lily, and Storm,) new voices (Demi Lovato, Danny Pudi, Rainn Wilson, Joe Manganiello, Mandy Patinkin, Jack McBrayer, Julia Roberts, Michelle Rodriguez, and Ellie Kemper) and a brand new adventure!

In addition to writing and performing the song “I’m a Lady” for the film, Grammy winner, Meghan Trainor, will also voice a role in the movie.

Are we alone or are there other Smurf civilizations??? The search is on for The Lost Village. Team Smurf must make it though the Forbidden Forest, a mystical, magical land full of both threatening and hilarious creatures. If other Smurfs are out there, they will find them!

As always, the Smurfs are all about camaraderie, team work, tolerance, and optimism, as well as respecting (their) natural world.

Smurfs, The Lost Village is in theaters now.
Spend part of Spring Break getting your Smurf on!

Visit me at for more of my Smurfy thoughts on this film!

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns, hot cross buns!
One ha’penny, two ha’penny, hot cross buns!
If you have no daughters, give them to your sons,
One ha’penny, two ha’penny, hot cross buns!’

When I chanted this as a child, I had no clue what it meant, because while we always enjoyed delicious, melt in your mouth, fresh rolls, baked from scratch by my grandma for holiday dinners, ne’er a hot cross bun did I have. Until adulthood.

The traditional hot cross bun is a spiced roll that contains either dried currants or raisins. It’s origins are a bit sketchy, and the lore is long, but there is no denying that they are a traditional holy-week food, most often eaten on Good Friday.

The cross is made in the top either by cutting the tightly risen dough with a sharp knife blade, laying thin ropes of dough across the bun, or by piping on white icing.

There are hundreds of recipes on the internet, and instead of me telling you which you should use, I’m going to let you choose, and then you’ll hopefully share your favorites with me!

What I will say, is that making and eating a hot cross buns, is a fun, flavorful, family activity, that doubles as a good conversation topic and history lesson with a delicious ending. One ha’penny, two ha’penny, hot cross buns!

Peep Racers

A friend of mine had fun with her grand kids last weekend building Peep Racers. Assembled with Twinkies, Peeps, treats, and some canned icing, it was hours of fun. To try it, you’ll need:

• Twinkies
• Peeps
• Pretzel twists (steering wheel)
• Mini Ritz peanut butter sandwich crackers (wheels)
• 1 can vanilla icing
• toothpicks and paper for flag making.

Let the racing enthusiasts use their imagination when assembling, then wave the checkered flag and see who makes it to the finish line first! (Hint: None – they’ll be consumed prior to completing a single lap!)

Easter was not a church-going affair growing up, but it was a big colored egg, bunny, and chocolate holiday. Easter baskets would be waiting at our places on the table when we got up, and they were full of jelly beans, treats and gifts. My grandparents would arrive early in the morning with their car full of wonderful smelling things like baked ham and home-made rolls.

And then, the hunt would commence. My dad got a kick out of hiding the eggs and did so in the most unique of places, so unique, we would often find them in August or September… but those we did gather, we’d place in our baskets, and then show off and count out, to see who had bettered who in the hunt.

And then we ate our eggs, after following one golden rule: Always crack the Easter egg on the top of your head. Why? Well, my dad liked to color and hide one RAW egg, and had to be sure that if we were to find it, the joke would be carried through to the end. Or so he told us every year, though I don’t remember ever having egg run down my face…

This Easter Sunday, may your chocolate bunnies be missing no ears, your eggs be hard boiled, your baskets be full, and your hearts and souls rejoice in Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is Risen!

~ Delilah