Full Home, Full Heart

Full Home, Full Heart 

Posted: 4:22 pm Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Easter Sunday my kids came home. Well, not all of them, but many. My house was full, my heart was full.

We had a giant egg hunt, and it was wonderful to watch the older kids have as much fun hiding the eggs as the younger ones did finding them!

“Cold, cold, warm, warmer, hot, hotter, Sizzlin’!” “I spy with my little eye…” echoed across the lawns along with squeals of glee, and some disappointments as eggs were found, or reached just before someone else.

After the hunt came to a successful end, we ate; smoked ham and smoked tri-tip, asparagus, potato’s au gratin, mac-n-cheese, and a huge garden salad!

And then the kids built Peep Racers (like in last weeks newsletter.) Their aunt provided the materials and told them how to do it (and reminded them over and over not to eat their vehicles just yet…)

When the cars, some with scoops, some with spoilers, steering wheels on sticks, and all with race flags, were complete, the race was on! How DO you race speed racers??? Well, the actual race was in how quickly they could down their multi-dimensional treats.

I think it was a tie between my grandson, Elijah, and granddaughter, Annie. As quickly as those sweet racers disappeared, I know they must be related to me!

You know that feeling when the moment or the day is so absolutely perfect you’re overwhelmed with gladness and gratitude? Yep, that was my day.

All this possible, because the tomb was empty…

April Book Club | Love Does
Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World
by Bob Goff

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“Most people need love and acceptance a lot more than they need advice”

Earlier this month I told you about my latest Book Club pic, Love Does, Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World. I’m pretty sure I summed it up something like “Chock-full of nearly unbelievable stories from a very believable guy, Bob Goff. The premise of Love Does is that you can’t just feel it or talk about it, you must DO it! And when love does… beautiful things happen. It’s love in action!”

What I didn’t tell you, is that it is a book chock full of little stories of Bob’s life; adventure after adventure, some wild, many tame, some with predictable outcomes, and many with very, very unpredictable outcomes. All interesting.

Told in a simple but engaging style, Bob Goff does an artful job of illustrating how the best laid plans often only trap you into the belief that there is not room for more, but there is. There always is.

By opening your heart and mind to the idea of being present in each endeavor and relationship, you open your heart and mind to doing things the way that “Love Does” and when you do, incredible things happen!!

Love Does is a remarkable little book of remarkable stories about a remarkable man. If you want the secret to leading an incredible life in an ordinary world, it’s within these pages.

“That’s what love does – it pursues blindly, unflinchingly, and without end. When you go after something you love, you’ll do anything it takes to get it, even if it costs everything.”

Get it today, and start living not by thinking but by doing.

Read more about Love Does on my Book Club page!

Buy Love Does via Amazon!

Listener Letter

I get a lot of mail. A lot. This letter touched me, and I felt compelled to share. Here is a man who thought, like many, that once he could finally relax and do nothing, his life would be immensely better, but he found the opposite to be true. A joyous life requires meaningful purpose. Mike didn’t have to look far to find his. How about you?

Dear Delilah,

I’ve listened to your program for the past 25 years, even though I’m not your typical audience. I’m 83 years of age. I was a professor in a college in New York City and tuned into your program at 7:00pm for the hour and a half drive from Manhattan to Long Island where I lived, making the drive truly pleasurable. In January, 2015, I finally retired after fifty years of teaching, and moved to Florida. A few months of doing nothing more exciting than deciding on which early-bird special to try, I developed retirement depression. Then, one evening, because I couldn’t sleep, I turned on the radio to relax; and to my surprise, I heard you.

I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea your program was national. My depression immediately lifted, and the very next day I was determined to return to my first love: teaching. I applied to a local university, which because of my experience and doctoral degree from Yale, was immediately hired as an adjunct professor. And so, I’m once again working, surrounded by the youth of our country, and continuing to do what you have always done on your radio show: pass on your knowledge of life, love, courage, understanding, and caring.

Those are the reasons I want to dedicate a song to you. It’s called “Hey There, Delilah.” It would mean a great deal to me to honor you. Could you play it sometime between 11:00pm and 11:50pm just before I go to sleep for the night. Thank you for lifting my spirits to continue on with my life’s purpose. Have a wonderful, happy, productive, and healthy New Year.

Yours with love, admiration, and appreciation,

Professor Emeritus

Hi Mike!

Thank you so much for sharing your story and the touching dedication! Letters like this mean the world to me; they are a testament to the fact that my life has purpose – in this case inspiring you to seek and live your passion! Thank you for choosing the teaching vocation. Teachers have the power to change the world!

God Bless!

~ Delilah

My family came home, and I rejoiced. When you join me on the air each evening, I hope you feel like you are also coming home.

My world is about relationships and family. You are a part of that. A big part!

I love sharing your joys, your triumphs, your set-backs, and the journey of life with you.

My show is a safe place. It’s where you come when you need some chicken soup for the soul, someone to celebrate your exciting news with, or just someone to be a voice in the dark, reminding you that you are never, ever, alone.

The letter from Mike tells me I’m doing something right. That’s music to MY ears and soup for my soul.

My door is open; Come home to Delilah!

Until next week, remember to Love Someone

~ Delilah