Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Posted: 12:26 pm Thursday, May 11th, 2017

By Staff Writer

Are you anticipating greatness today? This week, month or year?

I hope so. I hope you are looking forward with anticipation to greatness in yourself, your family and your community.

When we forget to anticipate greatness, and joy, and happiness, and instead focus on the negative, the oppressive, the miserable little things, we begin to live in fear and dread. Doing that messes with our health, our relationships, and our serenity.

While it’s important to prepare for the worst (emergency stores, emergency funds) anticipate the best!

If you’re a “future tripper” anticipate fun trips! What have you got to look forward to in late spring or this coming summer? A wedding, graduation, anniversary, vacation?

No big events planned? Don’t compare yourself to others that do. Sneak in little things like picnics in the park, s’mores over a backyard firepit, making a blanket fort with your little ones or your honey.

I have probably the easiest time with anticipating greatness, because I get to spend my evenings with you. No matter what’s going on in my day, each evening I get to slip into your cars, your work spaces, your homes and share in the celebrations of your life! It’s something I anticipate each and every day!

I love being part of your life!

May Book Club | Cookin’ It! with Kix & Magnolia Story
Kix Brooks, Chip & Joanna Gaines

Delilah’s Book Club

Last week in the Monthly I explained to you that I had a stack of Great Summer Reading books I wanted to highlight for my May book club. In that edition, I talked about Love What Matters.

Today I’m going to remind you of two books I’ve shared previously. Cookin’ It! With Kixthe ART of celebrating and the FUN of outdoor cooking, and Magnolia Story.

Cookin’ It! with Kix, is chock full of fantastic recipes for the grill you’ll want to have handy as the days grow longer, the skies more blue, and the mercury rises. It’s got mains, sides, and the perfect drink pairings!

Kix Brooks, from the iconic country duo, Brooks and Dunn, knows FOOD as well as he knows harmony! One thing’s for sure, any recipe from this book sets my mouth a singin’! Scroll down to find a recipe from the book perrrrfect for Mother’s Day brunch!

Order Cookin’ It! with Kix


The second book I’d like to remind you of is Magnolia Story written by and about Chip and Joanna Gaines from the wildly popular TV series, Fixer Upper. They are also owners of Magnolia Market, and a super talented, funny, loving couple.

If you’re not already fans of this dynamic duo, you will be after reading Magnolia Story, which let’s readers into their home and life and answers ALL your questions like, “Why Magnolia?” “How’d you get to where you are?” “Has it always been this easy?” and… “Is Chip really such a goofball???” (spoiler – one of the chapters is about the time Chip ran to the store, but forgot he recently had become a dad and left the baby behind…)

Get your copy of Magnolia Story

Mother’s Day Brunch Recipe | Classic Beignets

Here’s a great recipe to treat the special mother in your life with from Cookin’ It! with Kix, adult supervision definitely required!

I’d melt if I were served this on a tray with a cup of tea, a link or two of sausage and some fresh raspberries, strawberries, or peaches… hopefully a dandelion or two as well.


• Vegetable oil, for deep frying
• 2 eggs
• 1 1/2 cups purpose flour
• 3/4 cup whole milk
• 1 tablespoon sugar
• 1 teaspoon
• 1/4 teaspoon salt
• Pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg (optional)
• 1/2 cup powdered sugar


1. Pour enough oil to come halfway up the sides of a large, heavy deep pot. Heat the oil over high heat for 360 degrees.
2. Whisk the eggs in a large bowl.
3. Add the flour, milk, sugar, baking powder, and salt.
4. Whisk well to make a smooth batter.
5. Fry in batches, without crowding; drop heaping tablespoons of the batter into the pot of oil. Fry, turning the beignets occasionally, until evenly browned. This could take several minutes. The best test is to take one out, cut it in half, and see if it’s done in the middle. Use a slotted metal spoon to transfer the beignets to paper towels to drain.
6. Sift the powdered sugar onto the beignets, and serve immediately for breakfast or brunch.

Deliver (in bed) to the mom in your life and you probably won’t have to do laundry for a month (no promises!)

She’s the Mom Bomb! | Cookie Tray Sweepstakes
Tate’s Bake Shop

OK, so Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14… but I STILL want to hear about your mama’s! Whether you ARE a mom, HAVE a mom, or just KNOW a mom, you probably have a tender story to tell. Please do! Write to me HERE and tell me all about them.

My incredibly sweet (chewy, buttery…) friends at Tate’s Bake Shop want you to share your stories with me too! They’re letting me give away a number of their vintage tin trays heaped with delicious cookies and tea loaves for Mom and you, but you must send me a story to be chosen.

And don’t forget…

I’m now on AMERICAN FORCES NETWORK RADIO (AFN) so if you’re serving our country, or have a mom or wife serving, I want to hear from you!!!

Head to your keyboard and let me know about the lady in your life that exemplifies motherhood! Email me HERE!

Into the Dragon’s Lair | The story of a Mom

This weekend, I got together with friends from grade school. Dee Dee, my office manager, Cecilia, and Lisa. We talked of mother’s and how we had all lost ours, all but Dee Dee.

We posted a picture of the four of us on Facebook, and the first comment? It was from Dee Dee’s mom, Toni, and read,

“Takes me back a few proud years.. wow, you guys…wow!”

Here I’ve been requesting mom stories from everyone and there is an epic one right under my nose, or under Dee Dee’s as the case may be. Toni has been there for all of us, for all these years. Forever the witty, jazzy, admired, and respected Dragon. But I’ll let Dee Dee tell it…

Toni is my mom and she’s always been “Mom” to the people I grew up with. Our house was the place where everyone was welcome to hang out and raid the cookie jar; there were always cookies in that old jar. While there were rules at my house they were practical, like ‘be a decent human’ and ‘try not to break stuff.’ Mom was anything BUT a helicopter parent.

She’s the person the kids would go to for advice because it was given in a practical, non-judgmental way. You always knew she’d be straight with you and would love you no matter what. I’m so grateful to have been given the gift of this mother, and the opportunity to share her with all the special people in my life!

Toni is also known fondly as “The Dragon,” due to her outspoken, feisty, uh, colorful way with words. There’s never any doubt if you’ve crossed a line with her. She’ll spit fire and verbally light your behind – whether she’d birthed you or not. She’s an equal opportunity dragon!

When Mom was younger she loved to live the traveler’s life. She moved from one adventure to another meeting so many interesting, weird, and full-of-life people; she’s got a lot of stories to tell. I wish she’d write a book, it would be a best seller!

Mom finally settled in her ‘spot’ 20 years ago in a small town she loves. She’s got great neighbors who support her and know not to cross The Dragon’s path when she’s got things to do!

She’s at an age where her health isn’t that great and she worries about when she can no longer live independently (that’ll be a while!) I have every faith, however, that when it’s time for her to move closer to me and rejoin my family and her other ‘kids’ in the area, she’ll be so welcomed and loved, she’ll wonder why she didn’t do it sooner. I hope it will just be another traveler’s adventure; this chapter titled, “Toni, The Dragon Everyone Calls Mom!”

Happy Mother’s Day to all of those Toni Mom’s out there, your many kids love and appreciate you! ~ Dee Dee

Celebrate a mom this weekend, after all, where would we be without them?!

I’m looking forward to sharing the day with my kids and also with mother’s and other’s! It will be a day of hugs and gratitude, and probably overcooked pancakes with too much syrup, which I shall lap up greedily and declare The Best Breakfast EVER!

Much love to you and God Bless the mother’s in your life!

~ Delilah