Anticipate Greatness!

Anticipate Greatness! 

Posted: 5:18 pm Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

By Staff Writer

I’ve spent time lately wondering why we are programmed to anticipate the WORST. I suppose it’s all part of self-preservation, after all, it would be foolish to think that we are immune to the negative forces of the world, that we could never come to harm physically or emotionally, and those we love and care for are too, immune.

But… How did this instinct for self-protection become, for many, the addiction to WORRY, to imagining the most terrible outcome of any situation, or even manifesting a situation that doesn’t yet exist. How do we become trapped in fear and anxiety?

Guess what? I didn’t come up with the answer to “why.”

What I DID come up with, through personal trials and experiences, through research, and through talking with my listeners over the last 30+ years is this: You can re-train your brain.

It’s true. You can train yourself to anticipate goodness, to imagine greatness!

God has given us a brilliant imagination, and if we are going to use it to picture the future, why not picture a bright, positive one?

If you find yourself being eaten away by anxiety, daily or because of a specific situation, retrain your brain! Spend 20-30 minutes a day picturing yourself in healthy relationships, doing good things with good people. Picture yourself pleased as punch with the BEST possible outcome.

She can say that, because her life is easy.” is a quote I’ve actually heard from some friends and acquaintances. Well, I’m hear to tell you that had I not worked at re-training my brain, I’d have all the justification in the world for being a worry-wort.

I have medically fragile children and must remain vigilant to their needs less they find themselves in situations that could have disastrous outcomes. Do I worry about those outcomes? I’ve trained myself not to. I wouldn’t be able to function and perform my responsibilities at work and at home if I did.

My oldest son is a police officer in a city that was declared to be the MOST dangerous for it’s size just last year. He deals with incredibly dangerous people and situations every day. I think I’ve got good cause for worry, yet I know that he is living his passion and blessing others by doing so.

Instead of picturing all the ways he could be harmed in the line of duty, I picture how handsome he looks in his uniform, how compassionate he is toward victims of crime, how he has dedicated his life to protect and serve.

When I do this, I can’t help but smile!

Try. Try to retrain your brain and imagine the BEST possible outcome for any day or any situation. We usually find what we seek, if it’s trouble, yeah, we’ll find it. If it’s peace, joy, and serenity, chances are we’ll stumble across that too!

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Armed Forces Day | May 20

Back in 1949, the National Department of Defense was formed. Around the same time, Armed Forces Day was created, replacing all the individual branch recognition days.

Armed Forces Day is always the 3rd Saturday of May and follows Armed Forces Week; it celebrates the incredible men and woman who are serving our country.

Please join me in saluting these brave heroes who selflessly put THEIR lives on the line so that we don’t have to! It is because of them that we are the…


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God bless those who protect us!

Patriotic Ideas, Recipes & Crafts

Speaking of our great nation… Armed Forces Day reminds me that Independence Day is just around the corner!

I want your best ideas, recipes, and crafts!!!

I’d love to gather enough from you to share an explosion of inspiration in a 4th of July blog for ALL my listeners, readers, and web visitors. Let’s have fun getting ready for summer’s biggest bash!

Please share your tried and true, red-white-an’-blue inspirations by writing to me HERE.

Include a clear picture, complete instructions, and your name. I will give you full credit if I share it on any of my social media platforms. Stars & Stripes, Reds & Whites, Blues & uh… You(s!) Send what you have my way!

I stinkin’ love slipping into the studio after a rough day, putting on my headphones, talking your calls, and getting to talk and listen to you.

I love that you allow me to celebrate in your life’s events.

I love to be the one you’ve chosen to spend your evenings with, and that I can be there to encourage you to be hopeful about today and the future.

Thank you for trusting me so much as to do all that!

All this month, we’re going to continue to talk about Anticipating Greatness. Do you have a positive story to share around this theme? Were you able to retrain your brain? Are you a reformed worry-a-holic?

If you have a good story to share, please write to me at, I want to hear them all!

Thank you again for being you, wonderful, trusting, caring, compassionate, you!

God bless,

~ Delilah