Plant Peace

Plant Peace 

Posted: 12:16 pm Thursday, June 8th, 2017

By Staff Writer


OK, not officially, until the 20th, but it’s HERE and it’s glorious! Are you just as excited as I am?

In my neck of the woods, it was a very windy, soggy winter. We had storm after storm, the kind my Ozark mamma would have called “real toad stranglers.” I was SO DONE by February, but it just kept coming.  I tried to stay positive, I implored you to stay positive, but oh my word, I am so happy to welcome summer!

I’ve been out in the garden every chance I get. Tilling, planting, tending, waiting… for the first early peas, lettuces and greens, and tiny carrots…

How about you? Are you gardening? If not in soil, how goes the tending of the garden of life?

For me, gardening is time for reflection and I’ve been reflecting on life, and how gardening provides analogies for EVERYTHING.  As the old saying goes, “we reap what we sow.

What are you sowing in the Garden of Life? The Garden of your Heart?

Are you planting peace? joy? love?  Are you cultivating the garden of your heart? If you are, bravo! Your crops will be strong, abound in beauty, plentiful, and will sustain you through many hardships!

However, if you are planting discord. sorrow. aggression. That too will grow, large and dark and looming. Thorny and poisonous.

Plant goodness, plant hope, plant the future you want to see for yourself and your loved one. Let’s make the world a better place, one garden at a time!

June Book Club | Finding Gobi
by Dion Leonard

Thomas Nelson Buy Link

With a new month, comes a new book! My June Book Club pick is called Finding Gobi, by Dion Leonard. It’s a true story about a ultra marathon runner and a tenacious little terrier.

Leonard had traveled to China to compete in a 150 mile race that took him across the Gobi Desert. He was a highly trained, highly motivated runner, intent on winning. When the raggedy mutt first approached him in camp, his thought was, “Clever dog, there’s no way I’d feed it.” But much to his surprise, that clever dog was by his side the next morning as the day of running got underway, and asleep next to him the same night.

By the end of the second day, it had a name; Gobi. And guess who was feeding her?

Gobi kept pace with Leonard through some of the most difficult terrain of the race, and Leonard felt not only his resolve about feeding her melt away, but his heart changing as well. The race ended, not the way Leonard had thought it would, but a grand success by his measure, and he set a plan he’d created, to get Gobi out of China and back to the UK with him, in place.

Sadly, something went terribly amiss, and while in the hands of a caregiver, Gobi went missing. Back in the UK, Leonard was a wreck thinking of Gobi lost or possibly hurt, and could blame only himself. Before long he was on a plane headed back to China to take on the impossible task of Finding Gobi.

This is a book that will appeal to all dog lovers, animal lovers, runners, and anyone who likes a great story! It’s so good in fact, the movie rights have already been purchased!

Finding Gobi will be available on June 13, but you may pre-purchase by following this Thomas Nelson link.

And check out all the great books in Delilah’s Book Club HERE!

Delilah’s Summer Survival Tips

I’ve survived a LOT of summers and I’ve learned a few things over the years that save me a lot of time, headaches, and frustration.  More than that, my tips help to keep my family (fairly) content, occupied, and involved.

Read on and decide if any of these might help you Survive Summer:

1) Go through your medicine cabinet and throw out all the old expired and never-used stuff.  Replace with the essentials to treat minor cuts and burns, headaches, fevers, coughs, itching, allergies, or a runny nose.

That’s it. If it’s something more severe you should be calling 911 or heading to the doctor.

2) Stock up on sunscreen, but remember that it’s only effective if used. Make applying sunscreen part of your families morning routine, and REapply several times during the day.

There is NO SUCH THING as “waterproof” sunscreen, apply before water play and after!

3) Buy extra toothbrushes and toothpastes so you’re prepared when sleepover guests inevitably forget theirs.  Pack some Sleepover Kits with the same thing for your kids. (The Dollar Tree can help you out here!)

4) Keep hydrated! Label a water-bottle for each member of the family and make it part of the routine. Don’t wait until your thirsty!

I’m not a big fan of bottled water, but keep a case in your car. (And stay away from lots of sugary drinks and sodas.)

5) Keep a beach bag full of old towels and sunscreen in the car as well!

6) Wear helmets! Always!

7) Stock up on craft supplies, sophisticated coloring books, games to play with friends, and those to play alone (crossword/word search books.)

Point to these whenever you hear the words “I’m bored!”

8) Try to have dinner together at least 3-4 times per week and make it mandatory to UNPLUG!

9) Enroll your kids in swim classes. Drowning is the second-most-common cause of accidental injury or death in adolescents! Don’t know how to swim yourself? LEARN!

10) Try to keep to a routine, but don’t over schedule. Schedule in quiet times for all ages, even yourself! This would be the time to read, take a cool bath or nap under the shade of a tree!

Be Safe, Have Fun, and September will be here before you know it!

The Home Depot |Do It Herself Workshops

Attention San Fransisco!

Right after work this Thursday, at 6pm, I’m taking over The Home Depot on Bayshore Road in East Palo Alto.

RSVP for this Do It Herself Workshop (gals AND guys!) and let’s build a jewelry organizer together! Come alone, with a friend, or with the whole family. I’m looking forward to meeting you and spending some time together!

The event is free, but you must RSVP so we have all the supplies and gear set up for you.

Not in the Bay Area? I’ve been all over this beautiful country hosting The Home Depot Do It Herself Workshops and meeting all kinds of wonderful people. I love doing these and plan to continue for some time.

Keep an eye on your local The Home Depot, I just might drop in!

Delilah’s Garden Wars

With flowers in bloom, vegetable starts showing some muscle, and fruits setting, Delilah’s Garden Wars are ON!

Producer Janey is outdoing herself this year in every category! Office Goddess Dee Dee has her deck decked in potted veggies, including corn! Content Director Donna, assisted by hubby Frank, has gorgeous gardens and the most enviable garden ART. NYC Producer David has turned a junk yard into the Garden of Eden, and Digi Director (and snarky sister) DeAnna, is just a big liar, posting pictures of 30′ cacti she’s supposedly grown in her soggy PNW back yard! We’re killin’ ourselves!

It’s inspirational, it’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s hilarious, and it’s all out WAR!

Join the battlefield by posting YOUR garden pics and tag me on

Use #DelilahsGardenWars

Show us whatcha’ got!

Well my friends, it’s happened. We survived the long, wet, wild winter and summer has finally arrived!

I don’t know about you, but I sure am enjoying this warmer weather, blue skies, and the sound of birdsong in the morning!

Come see me at The Home Depot if I host a Do It Herself Workshop in your area, post your #DelilahsGardenWars pics, and join me at, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and my nightly program on your local station or via the iHeart Radio app.

Keep in touch, plant, and Love Someone!

~ Delilah