Weed Out the Negative!

Weed Out the Negative! 

Posted: 6:25 pm Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

By Staff Writer

One of the things my brain does when I’m not paying attention is script conversations that will never take place. Sometimes it’s things I’d love to say to my children, friends, or loved ones but haven’t exactly been invited to share an opinion on.

Too often I find myself arguing with people who have wronged, hurt, or frustrated me. In these imaginary scenes, I make my point, declare my stance, and am vindicated to hear them say “I’m sorry.” Sadly many of those I’m dialoging with are long gone; passed away or simply no longer a part of my daily life.

I consider this idle brain habit one of my worst.

It does nothing except get me riled up over things long past and now irrelevant. It steals my joy and destroys my peace of mind.

In the beds surrounding my home, and in life, a lot of weeds spring up. Some I don’t recognize as weeds at all. They might look like sweet wild flowers at first, and I’m tempted to leave them be. It’s taken many years of gardening and life experiences for me to know the difference, and I’m still fooled at times.

After all, the bright yellow of a buttercup is a delight to behold! But left undisturbed, it quickly grows and spreads and chokes out the very things I’ve purposely planted and nurtured. Before I know it, the entire planting bed is filled with weeds and the flowers are suffering, unable to flourish.

It is the same with relationships, thought patterns, and habits. Those that might seem harmless at first… (your gut sends up a little red-flag but you ignore it,) little jealousies, annoyances, and the resentments allowed to creep in and grow…

These are the weeds in the gardens of our hearts and souls. Pull them up at the roots and put them in the compost heap, lest they choke-out your peace, purity, and joy, leaving anger and bitterness in it’s place.

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 18. My dad has been gone for many, many, years, and when he was here on earth we were often at odds, but I miss him like crazy. I have the greatest memories when I was a little girl and I thought him the strongest, smartest, most handsome man on earth.

It was when I became a teen and began to question both him and myself that things took a different turn. It’s very sad that we were not given the time that many have, for the dad to mellow enough and the daughter to mature enough, that they can focus on their similarities instead of their differences.

These days I consider myself very fortunate that I had the father I did. He was responsible, loving, and present, if (like all of us,) imperfect.

Good Read | Father’s Say
Joe Pelligrino & Joe Battaglia

Father’s Say

Pelligrino and Battaglia understand fatherhood, and what it takes to be that dad. In Father’s Say, they share what the qualities are that make a good dad, the importance of strong male leadership in families and communities. The indelible mark a father’s words make upon their children, and the necessity of forgiveness toward the father that was absent or imperfect.

Their new book, Father’s Say, is full of advice from men and women that have been there. Men like Corbin Bersen and Kevin Sorbo, and women like Kathi Lee Gifford, and a radio personality named… Delilah.

Pick up a copy for your dad, your hubby, or yourself. Learn more HERE.

Conversations with Delilah| Rory Feek, Miranda Lambert

Have you had an opportunity to listen in to my new podcast series, Conversations with Delilah?

I’ve been enjoying this new endeavor so much! A podcast is nothing more than a recorded segment that lives on for any one person to listen to at any time. Unlike a broadcast, (my radio program) that is sent out over the airwaves, only to be heard by a large listening audience and then evaporate into history.

I’ve had some amazing guests join me in the last few months, like Rory Feek, husband and musical partner of the late Joey Feek, father, and author of This Life I Live. Rory has turned the tragedy of losing Joey into limitless love and inspiration for millions. You’ll want to pick up a copy of his book, that chronicles the transformation of his life and heart; reading it transformed my own, and I’m sure it will yours too!

And, like Miranda Lambert, country music super-star and all-American girl that is as down-to-earth and adorable as she is talented! Miranda has a new album out, The Weight of These Wings, and if you’re already a Miranda fan, you know she’s been bearing a heavy load lately. A must for your summer play list!

My podcasts are free to listen to and are available on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher platforms. Here’s a link to the podcast page on my website, where you can choose which is best for you.

Listen to Conversations with Delilah

Flag Day is June 14!

Hooray for the Red, White, and Blue!

Today is Flag Day, the 240th “birthday” of Old Glory, The Stars and Stripes, Our American Flag. On June 14, 1777, the flag of the United States was adopted by resolution of the Second Continental Congress.

Flag Day is also a special day for the United States Army because they celebrate their birthday on June 14th.

Just one more reason to celebrate the fact that we are loud proud Americans! So fly your flag and enjoy a piece of cake!

Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue,
For the flag that will always inspire us,
The colors to which we are true,
That will keep us brave and free.
We march with the flag of our land,
In the bonds that no enemy can sever,
In step with the strains of the band
That plays the music of
The Stars and Stripes Forever!

Oh what fun and how busy last weekend was!

I found myself in San Jose, California having a blast playing with power tools, meeting people, sharing stories, and smiling so much at The Home Depot’s Do It Herself workshop. We made jewelry organizers, we made friends, and we made memories!

My son, Thomas, and exchange-student, Tony, went to their first proms. New suits had to be altered, hair needed cut, boutenniers and corsages made, pictures taken… They sure looked sharp and all grown up! One more sigh, “Where has the time gone?!

I barely had time to breathe, let alone reflect, but Sunday I attended church with Paul, and made this reaffirmation; instead of imaginary arguments, I’m going to have real conversations with God. I’m trying to weed out my anger and bitterness and plant seeds of hope in the garden of my heart.

Say a prayer for me, and I’ll say one for you.

Happy Father’s Day to all out there who try to make a difference in the life of a child. Sunday is YOUR day, I hope you are loved and celebrated.

God bless,

 ~ Delilah