We are with you!

We are with you! 

Posted: 12:23 pm Thursday, August 31st, 2017

By Staff Writer

The tragic storm-drenched areas of Texas have been getting a lot of my attention. That and the fire-ravaged Oregon Coast, my native land.

Nature has been doing it’s thing in big, powerful, life-threatening ways. It’s been heart-wrenching for me to sit idly by as these natural disasters bring damage, discord, and even death.

I’ve been praying fervently and without pause. I even find myself praying in my sleep; “Dear heavenly Father, let the rains cease, let the fire burn itself out. Let lives be spared…

I’ve also found myself counting my blessings. My current safety, my health, my family, my friends, and I’m overwhelmed watching the news, clips on Facebook, tweets and Instagram pics of HELPERS.

First responders, police, firefighters, linemen, National Guard, and citizens performing selfless act after selfless act, putting their own lives on the line to save others.

I will continue to pray and to do whatever I can to ease the suffering and sorrow of those affected.

And I will hold on to the thought, that our media would lead us to believe that we are a nation divided, but the real acts of real people show that we are not!

Summer Book Club Picks | Good Reads!

There have been so many great reading options on my Summer Book Club list.

June brought us Finding Gobi, about the little dog that could! Cultivate came along in July, all about weeding out the unnecessary things cluttering up our serenity. My August club pick is, The Mission Walker, about LIVING while cancer is telling you otherwise.

All three are meant to uplift, inspire, and give you hope. Hope is something we all need more of, and I’m grateful for these authors for penning their words to provide just that!

Thank you, Dion Leonard, Lara Casey, and Edie Littlefield Sundby! Your stories mean the world to us.

70’s Rock & Romance Cruise

Cruise with me!  Go to the booking page and use promo code DELILAH for a special discount and an invitation to a cocktail reception with me so we can meet face-to-face!

As this summer comes to an end, and our thoughts turn towards how we’ll get through the fall and winter by distracting ourselves with the holidays (and hopefully, doing whatever we can to ease the distress in our troubled states) I want you to think further ahead still… Say – – –  to about March!

For the second year, I’m on board with the 70’s Rock & Romance Cruise! We’ll set sail on March 3 from Ft. Lauderdale, make some stops in Jamaica and Grand Cayman, before returning to our starting point on March 8.

America will join us again, as will Michael McDonald, Air Supply, War, The Guess Who, BJ Thomas, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Badfinger – featuring Joey Molland, Poco, and a special appearance by Styx!

Music, merry-making, and perhaps a little bit of mischief await aboard the Soft Rock voyage of a lifetime!

Cruise with me!  Go to the booking page and use promo code DELILAH for a special discount and an invitation to a cocktail reception with me so we can meet face-to-face!


Positive Thoughts

“The courage of individuals who have been helping those in need makes you look at America in a whole different light. I pray for the family’s, and the animals, and the volunteers –  and for all of the donations that are pouring in from caring Americans. WE STAND UNITED!!!!”

~ Valene P.

“My home is dry but all roads out are flooded. Many of my neighbors are not so lucky! We appreciate all thoughts and prayers!”

~ Patricia P.H.

“Delilah, I’m a retired city employee. I know they are doing their best but things are overwhelming! It has been so heartening to see our citizens step up to the plate in courageous and innovative ways! I have cried many tears of frustration and of gratitude!”

~ Anne T.

Disaster Relief | You Can Help!

Hurricane Harvey:

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please, do your homework, and donate to the organization of your choice.

Western Wildfires

I’ve not found any other resources on-line for wildfire relief donations, I suspect these will surface soon.

I leave you this week, friends, with a heart full of concern for those suffering, but also pride and gratitude for the outpouring of love you’ve demonstrated. The support you’ve given Texas and the Western States, to those desperately in need of help, has been overwhelming! I am so proud!

I continue to pray and ask you all to join with me. I will try to be a soothing voice in the storms of life and I thank you for allowing me to be so.

~ Delilah