Make a Clean Slate!

Make a Clean Slate! 

Posted: 5:27 pm Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

By Staff Writer

September has arrived and as our kids return to their slates, I’m cleaning mine!


The beginning of a new school year is my signal to change things up. I scoop the detritus from the high-tide line; the ring around the perimeter of the house and further inward. The flotsam and jetsam of flip flops in ever corner, water bottles and to-go cups, beach bags, bathing suits, bikes and helmets…

I sweep out the dust and gravel and sand from every nook and crevice, a sign of all the ins and outs, comings and goings, of kids and dogs and guests through the revolving door that is summer.

When the house is quieter, it’s tidy time. It’s also a great time to give a room a make-over, to begin to think and prepare for fall and the upcoming holidays – they’ll be here before you know it!

This is also a time that I think back to the last September of my childhood, when I left home full of excitement and not a clue (or a care) about what I was leaving behind. Do you remember the day you said goodbye to your childhood bedroom and set off into adulthood?

Probably the first thing I missed was my mother’s cooking. I ate many ramen noodle and mac ‘n cheese dinners. Did you?

Are there any parents reading today who have a child leaving home for the first time? How about parents that have already sent a child off into the world, or parents that aren’t far off from doing so?

Even though I still have kids at home, it doesn’t make it any easier to let one of my children leave the nest for good. Bridget just moved out, not far away, but into campus housing. I know I will see her often, but also know I’ll never experience her lumbering up the stairs half-asleep every day. Kissing her good morning, giving marching orders, watching her come through the door at the end of the day. It’s a hard transition for us Moms and Dads!

Make sure you do something for yourself to make the time pass more quickly! Take a cooking class, walk in the evenings after dinner, start a book club. These are no substitute for the sound of your child’s footfalls, but it helps you to remember that there IS joy to be found in a less-crowded nest.

September Book Club | Jesus Always
by Sarah Young

Jesus Always Link

It’s a new month, and that means a new pick for Delilah’s Book Club!

The timing of this month’s choice could not be better. Catastrophic flooding, wild fires… anxiety is running high across our nation.

While I’d picked the book long before recent events (because daily devotional time keeps us grounded and able to find meaning in our everyday madness,) I feel it’s especially significant RIGHT NOW.

Life is full of difficulties-loss, sadness, fear. Amid these challenges, joy often feels impossible or out of reach. But Jesus offers life abundant-a life brimming with joy. Jesus Always, the new 365-day devotional from the bestselling author of Jesus Calling, was written as part of Sarah Young’s exploration of the promises of joy in scripture.

Many may not know Sarah herself has struggled with impaired health for many years-seeing many doctors and trying a variety of medical treatments. Though she has suffered significant limitations in her own life, she continues to find joy in her journey.

Like all of my listeners, I’ve found many days when Sarah’s words, or a Scripture reference from one of her books, was the difference between anxiety or peace, and many times I felt it needed to be passed along to a friend who was struggling.

Jesus Always now sits on my nightstand, and I’m sure it will find a place on yours.


SERVPRO® | National Preparedness Month

For 13 years, National Preparedness Month has been observed throughout the month of September.

FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, sponsors this observance in an effort to encourage Americans to prepare for potential emergencies in their homes, businesses, schools and communities.

I can think of no better time, following the devastating flooding conditions in the gulf, as well as the wildfires in the west, to remind us all to be well prepared. Disaster can strike any of us at any time.

This year, the theme is “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. YOU CAN.” This month serves as a reminder to take some time to plan for the unexpected, no matter how impossible it may seem.

On their website,, FEMA has outlined a weekly focus calendar that helps to set preparedness goals over the span of a few days. These weekly themes make planning easier to incorporate in our busy day-to-day lives.

The first week, September 1-9 is focused on making a plan for yourself, family, and friends. This could involve making a fire escape plan for your household and sharing it with your friends to encourage they do the same.

I will post the remaining weekly themes on my web page at and I encourage you to visit each week this month! I’ll give you weekly reminders to do so in upcoming September newsletters.

This month is also a great time to renew your CPR certification or attend a FEMA Emergency Management Certification course. Emergency situations happen fast, and emergency first-responders aren’t always nearby when they do. You are the help until help arrives, and it never hurts to be prepared to assist someone in-need.

My friends at SERVPRO® are experts in emergency preparedness. They are the category leader in fire and water cleanup and restoration, and are always accessible at 1-800-SERVPRO.

Call them today to set up an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) for your business, or download the Ready Plan App to create one for your home!

70’s Rock & Romance Cruise
March 3-8, 2018 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL


What’s your calendar look like next March? Is the 70’s Rock & Romance Cruise down in ink? If not, it should be!

This is the second year of 70’s themed cruise by StarVista Live! aboard the Celebrity Summit. I was on the inaugural sailing and had one of the best times of my life!

Gratefully, they’ve invited me back. Although it’s 6 months out, I’m finding myself anticipating being atop the high seas with more of the famous and fabulous bands that created the soundtrack of my youth and made my career the success that it is!

There is a performance by one of the concert headliners each evening, a pool-side stage in almost constant action and musical soloists, duets, trios, and quartets in every corner, nook and lounge, all over the ship!

Parties, games, contests, you name it. It’s the Soft Rock Voyage of a Lifetime! Like a 5 day back-stage party! Join us?!

(I don’t have to tell you how amazing the food is, but OH MY WORD, so good!)

If you use the booking code DELILAH, you will receive a special discount as well as an invitation to a cocktail reception hosted by moi. This is such a great opportunity, I hope many of you take advantage of!


I continue to pray for our friends and neighbors, brothers and sisters, in the flood ravaged gulf. It will take months for people to get a firm footing and begin to feel safe in their new circumstances; many will be in temporary, but hopefully solid housing situations. I pray also for all those still facing the threat of Irma and all the coming storm systems – it’s just the beginning of hurricane season!

In the Pacific Northwest, the gulf news is eclipsed by the terrifying wildfires burning out of control. They have consumed a vast, almost unimaginable amount of our forests and natural resources, and threaten an enormous number of homes, communities and lives. Ash is falling from the skies like snow and the air is choked with smoke.

All this, and yet, life continues to move on. Children are starting school, and we all are dealing with our personal “somethings” that my friend Robin Roberts speaks of. “We all have something.” she says, and it’s so true!

If it’s your first or fifth child moving out and moving on, I feel you!  Remember what I said about doing something for yourself. When the kids fly the coop, take flight yourself!

Call me, write to me, tell me your story. I’ve been told I’m a pretty good listener and I can find a song that might soothe the ache in your heart if even for a few moments.

My love to you all!

~ Delilah