Tap, Tap, Tap…

Tap, Tap, Tap… 

Posted: 2:01 pm Monday, January 22nd, 2018

By Staff Writer

While much of the country has experienced some very horrific weather conditions of late (prayers for all of you!), here at the farm it’s been practically balmy!

I’ve been keeping busy with all the new critters, Zafari the zebra, Peek-A-Boo the pup, and Luna the new ‘lil kitty! You might have seen my Facebook ‘Live’ post on Monday about how tame Zafari is… My horse trainer, Alhassan, was able to ride him! Last week we put Zena and he in the same stall and it went pretty well. So much progress!

In other areas of distraction, I found out it was possible to “tap” Big Leaf Maple trees that grow in my corner of the woods (pun intended) just like the famous Sugar Maples of the North-Eastern States. Of course I HAD to try this and immediately went to the internet and ordered the spiles (taps), and tubing to capture the sap.

With trusty friends Chip and Tim at my side, Delilah Jr. and Boo at my heels, we set out one evening to give this new venture the old college try. We tapped two Big Leaf’s and an Alder and ran the tubing into some food-safe containers.

Um, nothin’.

Upon further reading, one should make a trial cut in the bark to see if “the sap is running” and it is recommended you try this after a cold snap.

Unfortunately, for my syrupless pancakes, we haven’t seen said cold snaps for a while now. But really, any amount of sun that wants to shine upon my days is welcome and I am grateful for it! Syruping will have to wait.

If you’re interested in trying it, here’s an excellent article from Mother Earth News about how and which Pacific Northwest trees may be tapped for syrup sap!

PNW ‘Syrup’ Trees

New Movie | Forever My Girl
In theaters January 19th

Watch the Trailer

Country music super-star Liam Page (Alex Roe) left his bride, Josie, (Jessica Rothe) at the altar – choosing fame and fortune over marital ties…

Fast forward eight years and Liam’s return to the small community where he was born and raised, to attend the funeral of his high school best friend. It turns out Liam never really got over Josie, his one true love, nor did he ever forget his Southern roots.

Liam’s return brings him face-to-face with the consequences of his sudden departure and all that he left behind. Has he found his way back home? Life is about choices, choices are based on our understanding and our maturity. Will he make a different one this time?

The story of Forever My Girl will touch your heart and the music will touch your soul.

Watch the Trailer

AND… be listening to the show this Friday, when I’ll be talking to Alex Roe, who is a charming young English gent, a great actor, and a phenomenal singer! It’s HIS voice on the soundtrack, which I love, my kids love, and I’m sure YOU will love! You’ll find him adorable as well.

Forever My Girl – Alex Roe, Soundcloud

Dear Delilah | Your Letters

Wow – I had an unbelievable response to my requests last week asking about your favorite artists, and what your favorite love songs were.


Just about anything Rod Stewart topped the lists and sooooo many great 70’s musicians and tunes!

Newer artists like Michael Bublé, Sam Smith, Kelly Clarkson, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Josh Groban, James Blunt, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, and Julia Michaels, also showed up, and great songs like Believer – Imagine Dragons, What About Us – Pink, and Slow Hands – Niall Horan were mentioned.

Here’s a very sweet letter from a friend in Canada – I can’t call him a listener because the radio show isn’t available way up north, but he’s a subscriber to the newsletter, and his enthusiasm and kindness are so appreciated! Kristen too, wrote back and named some awesome talent and tunes. Take a peek into my mail bag:

Hello Delilah,

Well there are so many good artists around, it’s hard to point to just one.

I love Rod Stewart! Hard to choose just one of his songs, but if it’s a love song, You’re In My Heart, (You’re In My Soul) is my fave. Kenny Rogers – – so many of his are love ballads, but one that my wife and I love very much and made it our wedding song (31 years ago September) is Islands In The Stream with Dolly Parton. You’re the Biggest Part of Me, Ambrosia, Hooked On A Feeling, and Sharing The Night Together both by Dr. Hook. I could go on and on…

Thank you for all you have shared over 2017. Thank you for allowing all of your listening family to be a part of your life and your family’s lives. I wish that we could listen to your show up here in Canada, but I’m thankful for being able to get your emails.

God bless you Delilah and your family. May 2018 be a kinder, softer year for all of you.

 ~ Martin H.


Hi Delilah,

My favorite songs are Start Again by Edwin McCain, and I Choose You by Sara Bareilles. I cry every time I hear them, thinking about my husband and I choosing each other, how much he loves me, and how we’re looking forward to our future together.

Also, my husband and I love it when Hold On by Wilson Philips comes on… it’s been featured in a couple of our favorite movies, but it brings me back to when I was a kid and would dance in the living room to their CD.

Thanks for listening to your listeners!

~ Kristen

Check out my web page, www.Delilah.com, where I’ll be posting a Valentine’s Playlist with your suggestions and mine soon!

Let’s Cruise! | Rock & Romance With Me, 70’s Style
March 3-8

Hey! Speaking of GREAT 70’s MUSIC, I haven’t mentioned the 1970’s Rock & Romance Cruise for a while, but no mistake about it, I’m in!

Setting sail March 3rd, from Ft. Lauderdale aboard the sumptuous Celebrity Summit, we’re cruising to Jamaica then on to Grand Cayman before returning to port the morning of March 8th.

Sailing with us, and entertaining in intimate venues (not a single “bad” seat in the house – er – ship) are musical legends such as:

  • STYX Special Appearance 3/5
  • WAR
  • POCO
  • BEE GEES GOLD a tribute to the Bee Gees
  • QUEEN NATION a tribute to the music of Queen
  • And… ME

There’s not many staterooms left on this super 70’s cruise, only the second of it’s kind and already supremely popular, so check availability RIGHT NOW.

Let’s Rock & Romance Together!

Be sure to enter promo code DELILAH for a special discount
or at least mention that Delilah sent you so you are sure to receive an invitation to my cocktail reception!

Can I even count the number of volcano-building projects that have been completed by my children? Hardly! There’s been too many.

Blessing, who is attending a “regular” school this year (after being home-schooled by a tutor for the last few) is the latest to come home with this assignment.

She had the task of creating Mt. Mayon that is located in the Philippines and currently very active!

After one disastrous, collapsing calamity, Ma Bear’s help was enlisted (also Delilah Jr’s and cousin CeCe’s!)

Better armature was located, the recipe-specific “clay” was re-made (a little less gooey this time,) and the road to success was in her sights.

Not only the volcano, but the entire cardboard box top diorama turned out fabulously!

BOOM! Done.

Just like this newsletter 😉

Martin, Kristen, and all of you who answered my queries, thank you! I really appreciate you giving my questions some thought and taking the time to write me back.

Much love, joy, and fabulous music sent your way!

~ Delilah