It’s a Girl! (Coming Soon…)

It’s a Girl! (Coming Soon…) 

Posted: 11:27 am Friday, February 2nd, 2018

By Staff Writer

Last weekend I attended my first ever “Gender Reveal” gathering, for none-other than my daughter, Shaylah.

Only the doctor and one other person, who had been handed THE ENVELOPE knew the gender of her baby, God-son Ryan. Ryan had been entrusted with the secret so that he could acquire the appropriate colored smoke bombs that would give us the nod as to which aisle to head to when picking out cute little onsies, booties, blankies, and all the other ‘ies’ babies need.

Yes, with all the gender-neutrality discussions going on, this type of activity might not be very politically correct right now, but I AM a bit old-fashioned and want to be able to buy gender-specific clothing for my grandchildren until they tell me otherwise.

Shaylah’s bestie, Bridget, with her own two babies in two planned a delicious waffle-bar brunch complete with bacon (!) and assorted fruit and other sweet toppings, juice, and a “mom-osa’s.” I arrived with bouquets, balloons in pinks and blues, and excitement!

We ate, we wondered, we waited and then, by way of a profound and pungent plume of pink, it was revealed…


My baby girl is going to have a baby girl! She is going to be the new Ma-bear on the block, and I can’t wait!

I felt it was a girl since she and her fiancee announced their pregnancy, but Producer Janey, who has an outstanding track record, declared it to be a boy and I waffled… Nope, I was right all along!

I’m over-the-moon happy for my daughter and for this unexpected little bundle of joy who will be joining us soon – June 10 is the date!



February Book Club | Box of Butterflies
Roma Downey

OK, OK, it doesn’t come out until March, but I wanted to give you all a heads up on this beautiful book, by my beautiful friend, Roma Downey.

Do you feel something special when you see a butterfly? Roma does. These graceful winged creatures, with their intricate patterns and delicate flutter reminder her of God’s presence, which is all around us.

Box of Butterflies is meant to do just that, remind us all that God is here, with us, each and every moment. It’s a collection of inspiring thoughts, poems, scripture and art work that will serve as a metaphorical butterfly on the days you most need one.

Just a moment or two with her book during those times will give you the little lift, the little reminder, that you are never alone. In the best and the worst of times, God is there, loving you fiercely throughout your life.

Box of Butterflies is the absolute perfect gift to tuck into an Easter basket or wrap up for Mother’s Day. Actually, it’s the absolute perfect gift to give ANY day.

Pre-Order your Box of Butterflies

I think Box of Butterflies is such a lovely thing to own, I’m going to give several of them away.

Would you like one? Write to me and tell me why at

Valentines Day Playlist 2018

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away and I want yours to be PERFECT! With the help of Producer Janey, we’ve put together a play-list for you to make your date with your sweetie, your ‘lil rug-rats, or your bestie, a music-filled day of L.O.V.E. love!

Lights Down Low, MAX
Low, slow, and sexy, if Lights Down Low doesn’t put you in a Valentine’s mood, nothing will!

Listen    Buy


Valentine, Train
This fun, fifties-esque, single will have you snapping your fingers and cravin’ a shake and a drive-in movie! The Hallmark Channel even snagged it for it’s Valentine specials!

Listen     Buy


The Rest of Our Life, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
Tim and Faith demonstrate daily what it means to be in a loving, committed relationship, The Rest of Our Life is a beautiful testament to that.

Listen     Buy


Forever My Girl,
An album full of great love songs with a New Country lilt.

Listen     Buy


DA YA Think I’m Sexy, Rod Stewart ft DNCE
Rod’s still got it! And yes, I think he’s sexy!

Listen    Buy

But wait! There’s more… Click over to, I’ve got the complete list  of 15 great songs posted there with links!

Delilah’s February Love Challenge

It’s February and my LOVE CHALLENGE is back!

Speak and post only positive, affirming, loving words and comments. Open your heart to love. Extend compassion and kindness to all you meet. Look for the GOOD. Look for the LOVE!

Make a special effort when you, yourself feel challenged; After a hectic day when the server seems slow or your kids are on your last nerve… When someone disagrees with your faith, your politics, or your perspective. These are the times when it seems most difficult to “agree to disagree” and give them the love and respect you would like to receive.

If we are all to put some special thought and effort into the challenge this month, perhaps it won’t seem as difficult to continue throughout the year.

You can do this! WE can do this! Let’s all Love Someone!

I’ll start it of by sending much love to you and yours!

~ Delilah