Day O, Day-ay-ay-ay O…

Day O, Day-ay-ay-ay O… 

Posted: 10:33 am Friday, March 9th, 2018

By Staff Writer

How many of you are fans of podcasts? What a great medium. A podcast is like a broadcast, but contained, so you can listen when you like.

Within the last year or so, I’ve branched out into this medium. I call my podcasts, Conversations with Delilah, and they are just that!

Unlike my radio program, where I’m limited, quite limited, as to how much time I can spend on the air with someone, my podcast platform allows me to discuss a topic or talk with an artist, author, etc., for as long as there are interesting things to be said.

I have had some AMAZING conversations with Sam Smith, Katy Perry, Wynona, Miranda Lambert, and so many more!

New to Podcasts? Follow this link and give mine a listen, and then give me your feedback. I’m going to be doing more and more, so I want to know what’s working for you and what you’d like to hear!

Did Ya Know? | Girl Scout Day: March 12

The very first Girl Scout troop was created on March 12, 1912 by Olive Baden-Powell. Baden-Powell was the wife of Lord Baden-Powell, who just happened to have started Boy Scouting. The first troop was led on this day by Juliette Gordon Low, with 18 girls as members, in Savannah, Georgia.

It wasn’t until March 16, 1950 that Girl Scouts, USA was chartered by the US Congress.

I was a Girl Scout in my day (not a great many years after the charter) and absolutely LOVED it! The meetings, the camping, the crafts… I still sing the songs, and my son has adapted many of them and sing them to his 5 children.


I had my first S’more in Girl Scouts, and my first Banana Boat. I learned a great deal about nature, food, survival and mostly, about myself.

Today Delilah Jr. is involved in scouting and we often have meetings and outings at the farm. The girls are too young yet for out-door overnight camping, but they can come to the farm and have a bon-fire, sing-alongs, story time, and still go home and be tucked into their own beds.

I’m grateful to these women, ahead of their time, who championed girls and women even before women had the right to vote!

Girl Scouts of America

Recipe | Campfire Banana Boats

Sooooo, ya got a bit of snow on the ground. Maybe you think it’s not quite time to be talking about campfire goodies… and yet, why not?

Why not plan an afternoon when the kids can’t get outside and play to have an afternoon treat like a banana boat?


  • Bananas (peels on)
  • Chocolate chips or bits of chocolate bar broken into bits
  • Mini Marshmallow (or pieces of larger marshmallow pulled into smaller pieces)
  • Something crunchy (Chex cereal, peanuts, Graham cracker pieces)



  1. Pull back a section of the banana peel from the curved inner side. Leave attached.
  2. Cut or EASE out with your fingers, one section of the banana from end to end – eat it.
  3. Fill empty section with treats of your choice (Sweet, salty & crunchy is the perfect combo!)
  4. Now fold down section of peel back over the treats.
  5. Wrap banana in tin-foil paper. Place, wrapped banana in coals, over on grill grate, or in the oven you’ve preheated to 350 degrees.
  6. Cook for 8-10 minutes.
  7. Remove from fire, grill, or oven with tongs.
  8. Allow to cool. Unwrap, peel back loose section of peeling. Scoop out and eat warm banana with melted treats with a spoon.
  9. Enjoy! What a treat!!!

And speaking of Girl Scouts and treats… Did you folks know you’re NOT supposed to eat an entire box of Girl Scout cookies in one setting? Right? I had no clue either! I thought they were single-serving packages!

This might explain why my clothes keep “shrinking!” Naw, still going to blame it on my dryer drying too hot!

I hope your week has been full of love and laughter! Mixing the two is like 2-Part epoxy, truly a combination that creates a very strong bond!

Wishing lots of both!