Nature: It does a body good!

Nature: It does a body good! 

Posted: 4:50 pm Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Spring has been teasing me this week with sunny skies and warmer temperatures, white fluffy clouds with wide expanses of blue between and no, I repeat, NO rain for many days.

I know it’s but a brief interlude before more moisture falls, so outside I have been.

Digging in the garden – I even found a patch of potatoes that had wintered over in-ground. Nothing has tasted as good lately as those potatoes did on my plate later in the evening.

I’ve been weeding and seeding, crying and sighing, rinsing and repeating. Nature soothes my soul like no other balm.  Have you found this to be true for yourself?

Not that we need to be told, I think that we all instinctively know that nature is good for us, but, there are many scientific studies being conducted into WHY it’s so good for us.

Some stand-out performers are something called phytoncides, the essential oils that trees and other plants give off to ward away bugs and other invaders. Seems phytoncides are really, really good at protecting our health via our immune systems.

Other heroes are microbes – it’s true, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – and kids that have played in the dirt grow up with healthier immune systems and tolerance to foods, allergens, and viruses that those in a sterile environment. Go figure.

The Japanese have studied these effects and promote Forest Bathing, dedicating trails and wild areas for this activity; being in and breathing in nature.

Feeling a little down? Give nature a try!

New Music | Philly Forget Me Not
Hall & Oats with Train

If you never thought of Hall & Oates and Train performing together, you’re not alone. I wouldn’t have either!

I don’t know why though, I’ve loved, loved, loved Hall & Oates forever and Train is an all-time favorite too.

These guys make some of the most-requested music on my show. So to hear they’re touring together this summer makes perfect sense!

Wanting to do something special before their tour, they headed into the studio early to record a great summer anthem. A special ode to the amazing city of Phillidelphia, Philly Forget Me Not came together and it showcases the amazing talents of Daryl Hall, John Oates, Pat Monahan and all the members of Train!

You can bet I’ll be in the crowd if I’m anywhere near one of their summer performances this year!

Stream/Download Philly Forget Me Not and
grab TICKETS to a show near you!

Returning this week, along with the sunshine, was little Penelope who was born when her parents were living at the farm while Liz, her mama, home schooled Blessing and Clara.

Those older girls are now in public high schools and Penny’s family has spent the last four months in Japan where her dad was working.

Delilah Jr. has missed her once-constant companion so much that she cried at the reunion, celebrated with a tea-party in the garden. Penny’s little brother Bronson was allowed to participate (Little Paul? Not so interested!), as were many bright ponies and unicorns. I’m pretty sure a faerie or two were present as well.

If you’re seeing sun, even the liquid or frozen kind, try to get outside a take a few deep breaths of air. It does a body good!

And while you’re out there, Love Someone!