Posted: 12:18 pm Friday, May 11th, 2018

By Staff Writer

Garden Wars are ON!

Each year I challenge family and friends to this little competition… an opportunity to show off, boast, post, and bs our way through spring, summer, and fall.

In reality, it’s just a way to get and keep our enthusiasm for growing going, and enjoying the fruits of our labors.

We really kicked it off this week after the sun not only came out, but stayed with us for a few days. Everything came bursting to life around us.

My entry was by way of the most fragrant lilacs I’ve ever met. Producer Janey rubbed her petulant pink rhododendrons in my face, and my sis, DeAnna, made us both weep with her wonderful Wistaria.

Have you been out and about in your gardens yet? I so want to hear about them and see your photos.

Write to me at and tell me all about your favorite plants and/or gardening experiences, if you’re on social media, join us by using the hashtag #DelilahsGardenWars.

It’s ON!!!

Mother’s Day Win-A-Bundle Recipients

So many of you wrote to me and told me your amazing mom stories. Thank you for opening your hearts and sharing with me in this way! I was truly touch by each and every email that came my way! Aren’t mothers (and grandmothers, and aunties, and loving women in general) the most wonderful gift of all?

We eenie-meenie-minnie-moe’d to choose two of our entries and I’m going to share their stories here. One even comes with a photo which we have permission to reprint (thank you!)

Hi Mrs. Delilah,

My name is Trenton. My daddy is helping me write you. I am 4 and a half. I want to tell you about my mommy. Her name is Michelle. She is beautiful and very nice. She always encourages me to do my very best at everything. She kisses me when I get hurt and coaches my T-ball team.

She can’t cook very good but she tries. But she loves me and my baby brother very much. His name is Cameron, he’s 10 months old. She loves my daddy too his name is Jordan.

My mommy listens to your radio a lot. She sings with all the songs. She sings really good. I love my mommy so much and want her to have a very happy Mother’s Day.

Thank you Mrs. Delilah, I love your radio.



P.s. that’s me. my baby brother, and my mommy

Dearest Delilah,

My Mom was a young mother at 17, almost 18 years old. I was her first, born 2 weeks before her 18th Birthday. She went on to have 3 more girls in the next 10 years.

She always kept a very clean and tidy home, made the best meals I have ever eaten, told the most interesting nighttime stories, one year she even read The Bible to us. She read the whole Bible. It was so funny hearing her trying to pronounce the old names correctly.

We had a pretty good life, always felt loved and that we were never doing without. She became a widow at 42 years old; she still had three children at home, the youngest was 14. My Mom always stood by us and tried to show us right from wrong. Her favorite sayings “you will catch more bees with honey”, “kill them with kindness”, “if they are talking about you, they are leaving someone alone, who cannot handle it, you can handle it”, “your smile is your most important accessory” “ love you, hon” and my best advice “go to work and do your best, you never know, what it will lead you to”!

She always has a smile and a kind word for everyone she meets. Even the wrong number, pizza delivery man, mailman, etc., all get to hear Love you, Hon! My Mom is 74 years old, still works and is caregiver to her older sister, our beloved Auntcy.

Auntcy will be 88 years old on May 8th! We are so blessed in our family to have our Mother and Auntcy. It would be an honor for her to receive a gift from you!

Thank You for the opportunity, Delilah! Wishing you a very happy and blessed Mother’s Day!

Special prayers and intentions for you, missing your Zack Attack!

Take Care and Thank You for all your hours on the radio!



Such a sweet letter from Trenton (thanks Dad). I hope he continues to adore his mom into his teen years, perhaps by practicing the skills Terri’s mother taught all of her children for a well-lived life – grace and gratitude – he will!

I loved the responses I received so much, reflecting the way mother’s are loved and honored, that I’m going to be giving away some Father’s Day bundles as well. I’ve spoken to my friend, Tim McGraw, and he’s going to add something to the mix.

Thanks again for participating and be thinking about those special dad’s in your life!

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For the last two years I’ve been fortunate to have participated in the 70’s Rock & Romance cruise; a 5 day festival at sea.

I’ll be back in 2019, rockin’ to bands like Foreigner, Boz Scaggs, Little River Band and so much more! Last year I officiated at a very special vow renewal ceremony – probably the highlight of my trip!

Join me and my girlfriends March 25-30, 2019 as we set sail from Ft. Lauderdale and cruise to Cozumel and CocoCay! Use the special Delilah booking promo for a sweet discount!



This past weekend we celebrated my son, Thomas, turning 18!

Oh my, how he has grown since coming into our home and our hearts at age 2.

He has a hilarious sense of humor, is a determined worker, and in the past year has discovered a passion for clay work.

His pieces are unique and inspired – just like Thomas! So proud of him and grateful to be his mom!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, the 13th. I will be surrounded by children and grandchildren and flowers, and can pretty much bank on the idea of breakfast in bed and many handmade cards by Delilah Jr.

For all of you with moms out there, please let her know, by your presence if possible, how much she is loved and how her love impacted your life.

For all you mother’s out there, especially those that cannot spend the day with the children they so determinedly brought into the world, know that I appreciate you, the sacrifices you’ve made, and the love that you’ve so freely given.

Mom’s are the very first people in your life to embrace the concept of “Love Someone!

Be blessed!