Slow Down… and Love Someone!

Slow Down… and Love Someone! 

Posted: 6:08 pm Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

By Staff Writer

Here we are in August!

And where I am, it’s HOT, unseasonably HOT! Actually, almost anywhere in the US is hot by August. I would suggest that this is not the month to take on any real ambitious projects.

I’m glad most of my summer travel has been completed, and the two big events at the farm, though such a blessing, are over. My niece’s wedding was spectacular and an annual fund raising event for Point Hope was amazing. We had some incredible talent join us this year, Julia Michaels, who has a chart topping hit, Issues, and my long-time friend, Sharif Iman, who is so talented, his voice sends chills up my spine! Watch a favorite of mine, Shine.

That said, I’m tired. Plain tuckered out, as my grandparents would have lamented.

Folks are weary; the heat puts them on edge. Parents with children home for the summer are over it, kids home for the summer are pretty much over it (though they won’t admit it.)

It’s time to slow down and cool down so that you can calm down.

How long has it been since you grabbed a book, a glass of sweet tea, and a blanket then went out and read under the shade of a tree?

When your work day is over, I suggest this is a better activity than cleaning out the garage! Read something wonderful, something inspiring, something that feels like an indulgence – leave the briefs for the office!

For those of you with outside construction, maintenance, agriculture or other occupations that places you outside, please do some self care! Lather on the sunscreen, HYDRATE, wear natural breathable fabrics whenever possible, and do nothing after your shift until you’ve taken a cooling shower or better yet, a soak in the tub!

Another great “activity” is to sit outside on the phone and catch up with old friends who are also too hot and cranky to do much else. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel after sharing a few memories and laughs with someone who ‘gets you.’

August Book Club | The Mission Walker
by Edie Littlefield Sundby


There you are, you’ve made it through 79 rounds of chemotherapy and radical surgeries on your liver and lung, and still you’re told you have only 3 months to live…

What would you do?

If it were me, I might go on a cruise with my family to celebrate the life I’d led and to say goodbye in a joyful way, while pampering myself at the same time.

That was NOT Edie Littlefield Sundby’s reaction. This actually happened to her.

Know what she wanted to do? Needed to do? DID do? How about walk 800 miles along the California Mission Trail, averaging 14 miles a day, and stopping at life-giving missions to revive her body and her soul? If that’s what you thought (who WOULD think that?!), you were correct!

The Mission Walker, my August Book Club pick, details Littlefield Sundby’s journey of miles, of hope, of faith, of LIFE.

Go to my Book Club blog on for more info on The Mission Walker!


Home Fires & SERVPRO® | What’s Your Plan?

It may seem a little early to talk about home fires while most of us are still cozying up to outdoor camp fires roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. We won’t be bundled up around the mantle as the snow (or rain) falls outside for some months, but practically speaking NOW is the time to prepare!

My friends and sponsors at SERVPRO® have reminded me of this, and prompted me to take some action this summer, BEFORE there is an emergency. I’m going to have my chimneys cleaned, check my smoke alarms, and refresh the family on what we should do to stay safe and out of harm’s way if there ever IS a house fire.

SERVPRO® has some advice for us when it comes to preventing home fires and what to do if one affects your home and family. Head over to my blog “What’s Your Plan” on and get some intel and info on this serious topic.

And if disaster should strike? Of course you’d call the folks at SERVPRO®, for a team that can help get you back on your feet. They’re the category leader in fire and water cleanup and restoration as well as folks you can count on to do the right thing.

I’m happy to tell you all that SERVPRO® is a sponsor of my annual Paint The Town, a community building restoration event taking place in Springfield, Missouri this September. So grateful for their support!

Follow them on FACEBOOK for more home fire preparedness tips!

New Movie | The Glass Castle

In theaters August 11


From the bestselling book of the same name, The Glass Castle tells the amazing true tale of Jeannette Walls as a young girl. She comes of age in a very dysfunctional family of nonconformist nomads.

There is an eccentric artist mother and an father who would stir the children’s imagination with hope as a distraction to their poverty.

This movie stars some of today’s best including Academy Award winner, Brie Larson, and Academy Award nominees, Naomi Watts, and Woody Harrelson.

It is in theaters on August 11th and should be on everybody’s MUST SEE list! Make it a date!


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Summer Craft | Paper Snack Cones

My stomach is asking for popcorn with all this talk of movies! Movie night can be a festive occasion with  paper snack cones and filled with popcorn, chips, or your favorite snack food!

Make some up today!

I’ve provided a simple pattern here, but the cone need be anything but simple. Use colored construction paper or patterned scrapbooking paper for a themed event – or just for a lot of fun.

Enlist the movie-viewer’s help in rolling and taping (or gluing) the cone together and filling with the treats.

Snack in Style!

Put yourself in the far right lane this month.

Don’t rush, hustle, or bustle (whatever that is), breathe, relax and most of all, Slow Down and Love Someone…

And make sure you spend your lazy evenings with me! On your local station, with the iHeart app, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… I’ll keep you company while you keep your cool!

~ Delilah