Total Eclipse of the Heart

Total Eclipse of the Heart 

Posted: 12:58 pm Thursday, August 24th, 2017

By Staff Writer

How many of you were in a place to view the eclipse on Monday, either partial or in totality?

I was, with hubby and the kids! We packed our snacks, our viewing glasses, blankets, and drinks and headed to the hills… well, a hill. To avoid the traffic mess we settled for a comfy place about 40 miles from the epi-center (ok, wrong scientific term…) where we could observe it in approximately 99% totality.

Watching the event take place through the special viewing glasses was amazing. Chunk by chunk, this big ball of fire was eaten away until it was G.O.N.E. gone! The temperature dropped significantly, the lights dimmed, and then, just as quickly, it was regurgitated shining just as brightly as ever. Neato!

I will, somewhat sulkily admit I was disappointed. It didn’t really get dark. I soooo wanted this experience for the kids! Not many opportunities like this will come about in their lifetimes, and I wanted it to get dark, darn it! (Did I mention I wanted it to get dark?)

And yet… See above. We talked about it, we researched it, we packed a picnic, took a hike, sat, talked some more, observed, and did a little group whining.  Hours of unplugged time together, lots of discussion, some pretty incredible sights, and a shared disappointment to process.

All in all, I’d call it an epic success! (And nobody got their eye poked – er – burnt out!)

August Book Club | The Mission Walker
by Edie Littlefield Sundby

Amazon Prime

I told you all about this months Book Club pick a few weeks back. Have you got your own copy of The Mission Walker yet?

If not, make it your mission to walk down to your local book store (see what I did there?) or click on the link provided to add it to your inspiration shelf!

Cancer is the “C word” we dread. It’s the disease “who can’t be named” because it is so insidious and evil. It takes those we love as we sit helplessly by. Unless, it doesn’t. Or we don’t…

Just ask Edie Littlefield Sundby, who, after numerous surgeries, treatments, remissions, and returns, walked 800 along the California Mission Trail, averaging 14 miles per day!

“For me, walking is a transcendent physical, emotional, and spiritual experience, like dancing. If I can move, I am not sick. This is my alternate reality. And, I believe with all my will in that reality. So when cancer strikes again and again, I walk to stay alive.”

Her story is not about avoiding death. It’s about living life.

Take a step toward inspiration and hope, get your copy of The Mission Walker today.

Amazon Prime

Must See Movie | All Saints

In theaters August 25

Watch The Trailer

Newly ordained pastor, Michael Spurlock (John Corbett,) at his first church placement has a daunting challenge. Shut. It. Down. A tiny impoverished parish is a drain on resources; best to close the doors and focus energies else where. Or is it?

Pastor Spurlock is less and less likely to agree with his marching orders as he gets to know the newest church members; a group of Southeast Asian refugees, who know one thing as surely as they know the Lord, farming.

Can they turn the land, and the congregation, and the hearts and minds of those who will close the church into a fertile and flourishing place of worship? A seed of hope is planted…

Watch All Saints, in theaters this Friday, August 25, to find the answer!

Watch The Trailer

Back to School | Breakfast Cheesecakes

This protein packed breakfast isn’t for every school morning, but just the ticket for that special “first day.” Our studio personal baker, Steve (hubby of our very own Dee Dee) tested the recipe in the kitchen, so we could taste-test the product this morning. I’m telling you, they are delicious!!!

We call treats that come from Steve, “Steve Made” because of the hundreds of notes Dee has left us over the years that begin, “Steve made this…” We love any and all things Steve Made!

Make ahead the night before and start the school year off on a sweet note!


-1 cup softened cream cheese
-1 cup lemon or vanilla Greek yogurt
-2 Tablespoons honey
-4 large eggs
-2 cups Graham crackers crumbs
-1/4 cup butter, melted
-4 T sugar
-Fresh berries or fruit of choice


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
-Place 12 paper liners in a muffin baking tin
-Mix Graham cracker crumbs, butter and sugar together, place in equal portion on bottom of baking cups. Press firmly.
-Whisk cream cheese, yogurt, honey and eggs together until smooth
-Pour even amounts into each of the 12 prepared baking cups
-Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.
-Remove from oven, let cool and top with berries – enjoy!

Steve Made hint: Place a bowl of water in the oven during baking to prevent tops from cracking.

Steve Made suggestion: A mixture of lemon zest and white sugar is also delicious on top when serving for a gathering, but perhaps not for breakfast!

We’re in full back-to-school mode at home.

Blessing and I did some shopping this week and she’s giddy over her new clothes. Delilah Jr. has grand ideas about what kind of school supplies are necessary for the successful completion of 2nd grade (I think we’ll stick to the list.) TK needs some wisdom teeth removed and he may not make the first day. Note to self: Alert school… And the list goes on.

I find myself somewhere between sadness and relief thinking about the return of routine and quieter days in the house.

In the meanwhile, enjoy every day and moment you have with your sweet ‘lil darlin’s before the head off to their various institutions of learning… next summer is a long way off!

Some things I’m reminding myself, and you may too:

-Routines take time to establish themselves, I shouldn’t expect immediate compliance, and I won’t engage in tantrums that are a result of being indoors all day following an agenda not of their choosing.

-Remember to have healthful snacks on the ready for the afternoon, so my cupboards aren’t raided and dinner isn’t spoiled.

-Make lunch prep a part of our evening routine, giving guidelines and advice but allowing the kids to take ownership for this basic task.

-Be available for non-judgemental listening as they process these first few weeks. Nod, murmur, but keep my comments and questions to a minimum. (They just want to be HEARD, they don’t want to surrender control.)

Prepare for re-entry. Take 15 minutes for myself before the door flies open and chaos ensues. It might save a life… lol

Love and blessings you all dear friends,

~ Delilah